merbist scrapbook (sept-25)

Fennel, one of the primary ingredients of absinthe helps developers creativity.

Fennel, one of the primary ingredients of absinthe helps developers' creativity.

  • Good news regarding Merb slices: the new router allows you to mount a slice directly as: /the-slice-action (previously it had to be /the-slice/something)
  • On IRC, Nagash came up with an interesing snippet allowing you to easily serve static views (like Django’s generic views) (Merb::Template.template_for is PRIVATE so use it at your own risk) The Core team is investigating simpler/cleaner ways of achieving the same result and a built-in solution should be available in Merb 1.1
  • Merb 0.9.8 will be optimized for Ruby Enterprise Edition and will be supporting a new way of handling gems without wasting so much memory. (more news coming up soon)
  • Merb 0.9.8 has a new efficient way of dealing with clusters (more news coming soon)
  • Merb’s new caching system will make it to 1.0
  • Merb is going into a feature freeze and the team will focus solely on bug fixes and making the Merb experience more pleasant.
  • A turn key deployment solution is planned for Merb 1.x (deployment recipes plugin)
  • DataMapper benchmarks show it’s now way faster than ActiveRecord (on average) Benchmark scripts available in the dm-core repo.

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