quick preview of the work done pre 1.0

Yesterday I spyed on wycats aka Yehuda Katz while he’s working on cleaning things up for 1.0 which will be released during MerbCamp Oct 11-12.

Here is the screenshot of how you would see ugly backtraces originating from Merb’s core:

old backtraces

old backtraces

Note: Did you notice that wycats is using Ruby Enterprise Edition? Merb 0.9.8 has been modified to really take advantage of REE!

That’s a lot of noise just to tell you that you used an invalid argument

Well, part of the prep work for Merb 1.0 is to clean up this things to make development work easier and nicer. Here is how the same error will look like in 1.0

new backtraces

new backtraces

As you can see, it’s way more elegant and less confusing. You can still see the full trace by using the –verbose argument.

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