Replying to some tweets

I’ve been following what people say on twitter about Merb.

I simply used twitter search engine.

Because I only have a private twitter account I can’t reply to everyone.

freels: I keep expecting merb to have a view helper for random things…

@freels, feel free to let us know about the view helpers you miss. We might not be able to port them all to merb-helpers but we can certainly work something out and maybe come up with more gems so you don’t have to repeat yourself.

@nmeans, as you mentioned it, Merb is a meta-gem installing merb-core, merb-more, dm-core, do_sqlite3, dm-timestamps, dm-types, dm-aggregates, dm-migrations, dm-validations, dm-sweatshop + their dependencies. The reason behind this choice is that merb gem is just a package. You can just use merb-core if you wish and that’s one gem. Installing many gems isn’t a problem, we could even hide it so you don’t see it, but you really care how many gems are installed?

@cfisk we have videos from MerbCamp coming up next week. The wiki is also growing fast and 2 books are being written.
@sco wow, I didn’t know PackRat was built on Merb now. Please let us know if you need help.
brycethornton: Installing the merb gem a while back has led to an unimaginable number of related gems. Wow. I probably only need a few of these.
@brycethornton you don’t have to install the merb gem itself. The Merb gem is a metagem, feel free to only install gems you want. You can generate lighter app by doing merb-gen core app_name or merb-gen flat app_name or a sinatra like app by doing merb-gen very-flat app_name
Thanks, wait for 1.0 and you will enjoy it even more :) Thanks to Ben for merb-cache btw!
rafaelbandeira3: Merb is like the factory of inovative concepts and concepts usage… ruby is nicier now, although ugly, bad formatted and noisy…
I’m confused, it’s probably the first time I hear Ruby us ugly, bad formatted and noisy. I wonder if @rafaelbandeira3 didn’t get confused and looked at a different framework/language. Ruby has its pros/cons but ugly/bad formatted and noisy??? really???
@rarepleasures Ok, this is not really fair because you then twittered and blamed mongrel. Two things about this tweet tho, mongrel is buggy and you probably should be use thin (or fix Mongrel).  If you do think Merb is a big fat FAIL or if there is something you don’t like about Merb, please let us know so we can try to fix it.

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  1. #1 by Anthony Green - October 17th, 2008 at 05:24

    I apologise unreservedly for that Tweet and I have now removed it.
    What can I say ? – it was a late night after a very long day. I was looking forwrd to getting started with Merb only to fail right at the starting gate. The fact that Merb wasn’t giving me any warnings or logging any errors didn’t help my mood. Neither was any help forthcoming from #merb.
    Next day, again without help, I started again and tried to track what it might be. I now believe that it may be a problem with my system and mongrel. Versions = 1.1.1 don’t. I have filed a bug with Mongrel Trac and pointed out which part of the changeset seems to be to the cause.
    I’m a client side developer rather than a software engineer but persevered despite receiving little to no help.
    Today I feel like Ruby development community has some great teachers (D.Black, Yehuda, J.E.G II..) but is in desperate need of some helpful doctors.


  2. #2 by Michael Klishin - October 17th, 2008 at 08:12

    I wonder if Anthony has any significant contributions to tools and libraries he uses without paying a single penny. Or he is just a typical consumer of what others produce.

  3. #3 by The Larger Ruby Community - October 17th, 2008 at 09:07

    I wonder if Michael Klishin has any significant contributions to systems like the kernel, GCC, or even Ruby that he uses without paying a single penny. Or he is just a typical consumer of what others produce.

    I also wonder why Michael Klishin must resort to immature and unprofessional ad hominem attacks, instead of addressing Anthony’s larger issues?

    Attacking the person and not the message is a logical fallacy most often deployed by the weak minded or insecure person, and would never be an approach that a productive member of the Ruby community would use.

    “Ad hominem – It is also used when an opponent is unable to find fault with an argument, yet for various reasons, the opponent disagrees with it.”

  4. #4 by Matt Aimonetti - October 17th, 2008 at 09:35

    @anthony The reason why I posted your tweet was not to blame/flame you. I think people have been, are and might still be frustrated with Merb sometimes. In this case, I believe we could have provided you with more information about your problem. using –verbose as an argument when you start merb will give you a full stack trace when failing. But, especially after looking at Ruby on Windows, I agree with your comment, we do need more doctors. Once again, thanks for your feedback.

  5. #5 by Anthony Green - October 17th, 2008 at 10:19

    To answer Michael, no I haven’t made any significant contributions to core C libraries because, as I stated, I am client side developer rather than a software engineer.

    However I am a member of 3 UK ruby groups to which I regularly post news and pointers to articles, which I hope people will find useful. I am also probably ruby’s strongest advocate at the BBC.
    Also, since I regularly buy peepcode screencasts, pragmatic pdfs, why’s t-shirts and have dropped money in the tip jars of bloggers whose articles I’ve found helpful, I think I can justifibly say I’ve put a few pennies the communities way.

    I believe Rails owes much of its success to the fact you can be a consumer initially and enjoy using it so much that you want to give back in what ever way you can.

    If there does turn out to be a bug in Mongrel, Merb could choose some other webserver as its default with a msg on how to activate Mongrel, as Rails used to. It depends on whether they see ‘working out of the box’ as a core tenet I suppose. I’m agnostic on the point.

    Looking forward to weekend play with Merb.


  6. #6 by Matt Aimonetti - October 17th, 2008 at 16:50

    @tony we actually considered using thin as the default but since it’s not available on Windows yet, we chose not to go this way. By the way, thanks for contributing to the Ruby community, there are not such thing as “small” contributions.

  7. #7 by Michael Wood - October 17th, 2008 at 22:33

    I’m curious, what other compromises are being made to support Windows developers?

    Keep up the great work merb devs. So far it is “awesome”!

    P.S. What’s the deal with – vs. _ delimiters for Merb related gems? Seriously!

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