Automatically generating BridgeSupport files

Today I was helping someone write an Objective-C framework around cocos2d.

C/Objective-C code can be called directly from MacRuby. However the Obj-C code you would like to use might be using some ANSI C symbols that are non-object-oriented items such as constants, enumerations, structures, and functions. To make these items available to our MacRuby code, you need to generate a BridgeSupport file as explained in this section of my book.

In our case, we were working on the framework and I didn’t feel like manually having to regenerate the BridgeSupport file every single time I would compile our code. So instead I added a new build phase in our target.

Adding a new step to our build

And I added the following script to run at the end of the build:

# This step generated the bridgesupport file for the framework
mkdir -p $TARGET_BUILD_DIR/$PROJECT_NAME.framework/Resources/BridgeSupport/
gen_bridge_metadata --64-bit -f $TARGET_BUILD_DIR/$PROJECT_NAME.framework/ -o $TARGET_BUILD_DIR/$PROJECT_NAME.framework/Resources/BridgeSupport/$PROJECT_NAME.bridgesupport

The script just executes the steps required to add the BridgeSupport file to your framework. I can now rebuild my framework without having to worry about BridgeSupport.

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