16 Most Popular Programming Languages and Frequently Used by a Programmer

Previously we have learned about basic programming, which includes a brief explanation of the definition and function of programming languages. What are Programming Language examples for? In this article, we will review it.

Stackoverflow.com programmer and answer site every year always conducts surveys with respondents from all over the world. The survey is about:

  1. What programming languages ​​are the most widely used,
  2. Developer/programmer education,
  3. Learning methods when learning what kind of coding,
  4. and other surveys.

According to the survey stackoverflow.com, there are approximately 16 types of programming languages ​​that are most widely used in 2018 of the many programming languages. What are the types of programming languages? Here’s a brief review.


HTML is a markup language used to create a website. HTML functions to display information on the Internet. Whereas CSS is the code that regulates the appearance of HTML.

JavaScript Programming Language

An example of the first programming language is JavaScript.

Reporting from Wikipedia JavaScript is a popular programming language on the internet. JavaScript can work in most popular browsers, namely: Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, and others. JavaScript codes can be inserted inside a web page using script tags.

The age of this programming language is already 20 years. And in that period, JavaScript is now the most popular programming language in the world. Almost all modern websites or blogs nowadays use JavaScript. Because by using Javascript, the website can be interactive and dynamic.

  • JavaScript Developer: Brendan Eich

Java Programming Language

Java programming language is one example of programming languages ​​that can run on various computers (PCs/laptops), including mobile phones/smartphones. Before Javascript was ranked first as the most popular programming language, Java was already in that position.

Why is that? Because most of the android applications that we use every day are developed using the Java programming language. Java itself adopts a lot of codes (syntax) from the C and C ++ languages.

The famous java slogan is “Write once. Run anywhere.” The motto is in accordance with the function of java that allows applications to run on several different Operating Systems.

  • Java Developer: James Gosling

Python Programming Language

Quoted from petanikode.com, Python is one of the easiest programming languages ​​to learn today compared to other programming languages.

Python itself is already widely used by developers to create various application programs, including Website, Internet of Things (IoT), Hacking Applications, Command Line Interpreter Applications, Apbile Mobile, Desktop Applications, and so on.

The structure of Python syntax is very neat and quickly understood. So this programming language is very suitable to be learned for beginners who want to learn to write program codes (coding).

  • Python developer: Guido van Rossum


SQL (Structured Query Language) is a language used to access data in a relational database. This language is a standard language used in database management. At present, almost all database servers support SQL language for data management.

  • SQL Developer: Jhonny Oracle

PHP Programming Language

The next example of the programming language is PHP.

PHP or Hypertext Preprocessor is a programming language that is used from the server-side. This programming language is inserted into HTML. PHP itself is widely used to create/develop dynamic websites.

CMS (content management system) can also be made using the Php programming language. WordPress, blogger, open cart, and others have PHP program codes in it. In Indonesia, the PHP Indonesian community/group on Facebook is the most active, in my opinion, compared to other programming groups.

  • Php Developer: Rasmus Lerdorf

C ++ Programming Language

The C ++ programming language was developed in 1970. This language is a derivative of the C programming language where the C ++ programming language is also included in an object-oriented language, usually called Object-Oriented Programming.

Initially, the C ++ language was developed for programming languages ​​that will run on Unix operating systems. But the C ++ programming language is now the dominant version.

  • C ++ Developer: Bjarne Stroustrup

Programming Languages ​​C

Quoted from Wikipedia C programming language began to be developed in 1972 for the Unix Operating System at Bell Telephone Laboratories. This C programming language has a profound effect on other popular languages ​​such as C ++, Java, Objective-C, and others.

This programming language is made for programming computer systems and networks. But often also used to develop application software for various types of OS platforms, computer architecture, even some popular compilers are available.

  • Developer C: Dennis Ritchie

TypeScript Programming Language

According to codepolitan.com, TypeScript is a programming language whose base is JavaScript. With the addition of strong-typing features and the concept of objective programming or classic OOP.

Judging from the documentation, this language is referred to as a superset of JavaScript. In conclusion, JavaScript codes are TypeScript codes too.

It is easier to develop complex applications using TypeScript because this language offers classes, modules, and interfaces.

  • TypeScript Developer: Microsoft
  • TypeScript Script Example:

Go Programming Language

The Go programming language is often called Golang, a programming language created by Google company in 2009.

Like other programming languages, ​​Go lang is also a development of the C programming language with a combination of several other languages ​​such as Pascal, Modula, Oberen, or so forth.

Applications developed using the Go programming language include Dropbox, Soundcloud, Cloudfare, Docker, and Google.

  • Developer Go: Google
  • Example of Go Script:

Kotlin Programming Language

Kotlin is a programming language with static typing and runs on a Java Virtual Machine or JVM. Kotlin can also be compiled into JavaScript source code.

Kotlin was deliberately made to be able to work with the Java language and even depend on existing libraries on Java programming. Google has announced the Kotlin programming language has now become the official language for developing android applications in addition to Java and C ++.

  • Kotlin Developer: JetBrains
  • Kotlin Script Example:

Ruby Programming Language

Ruby is a dynamic, reflective, elegant, and object-based programming language. According to the ruby-lang.org site, “Ruby is the programmer’s best friend.” Ruby is open-source, easy to understand, and productive. Ruby codes are quite elegant, regular, easy to read, and write.

Ruby has a very good function. Among them can be used to create web applications, GUIs, and more. One of the platforms developed using Ruby is Twitter.

  • Ruby Developer: Yukihiro “Matz” Matsumoto
  • Ruby Script Example:

Perl Programming Language

Reporting from Wikipedia Perl is a programming language developed by Larry Wall on a Unix machine. The first release was on December 18, 1987. Also available for various Operating Systems.

Although many programming languages ​​are new at this time, Perl is still sturdy. This means that there are still many Perl users today. For one thing, the Perl language is dynamic and can be used to develop many application programs.

  • Perl Developer: Larry Wall
  • Perl Script Example:

Swift Programming Language

Swift is a programming language for the development of iOS and OS X developed by Apple company. Swift is designed to coexist with Objective-C and avoids programs from incorrect code.

Apple first introduced it at the 2014 WWDC annual event. It was built with the LLVM compiler included in XCode.

  • Swift Developer: Apple.inc
  • Swift Script Example:

VBA Programming Language (Visual Basic for Application)

An example of the 15th programming language is VBA.

VBA (Visual Basic for Application) is a language derived from the Visual Basic language, which was also developed by Microsoft.

VBA itself is an integrated combination of the Editor’s Visual Basic programming environment with the Visual Basic programming language in the main Microsoft Office application that is intended for certain applications.

The main function of VBA is to make automation of work carried out repeatedly and complex. VBA can only be built on the main Microsoft Office applications. For example, in Microsoft Excel, we can create a data collection application with the help of this VBA.

  • VBA Developer: Microsoft
  • Example of VBA Script:

C # Programming Language

The C # programming language according to Wikipedia is an object-oriented language developed by the Microsoft company. C # is read as C Sharp and is also considered part of the Framework framework initiative. The hash mark (#) used is not sharp.

C # language has been influenced by many aspects or features found in other programming languages ​​such as Delphi, Visual Basic, Java, and many others, of course, with various simplifications.

  • Python Developer: Microsoft
  • Python Script Example:

Plagues 16 examples of programming languages ​​that are currently quite popular in use by developers. There are still many types of programming languages ​​that are not discussed here. Is the programming language that you are studying right now include

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