4 Programming Languages for Creating Android, IOS and Desktop Games

Are you a hobby in developing or making games based on Android, IOS, or Desktop? Are you also looking for references to learn to make these games? The answer is only one word, “YES,” you can learn on the site ngeh.id to learn to make Android games, IOS, Web Games, Flash Games, and Desktop games until you know! By subscribing with us via email for free, you will get the latest tutorials and tips in learning to make games that will be updated every day. The making of the game that we specialize in is creating Android-based games using the Unity3D Engine with the C # (C Sharp) programming language.

As per the title of the post about programming languages ​​that are suitable for game developers, we will briefly explain what types of programming languages ​​might be ideal for you there. The following is a list of program languages ​​and examples of games produced from various programming languages.

C ++ Programming Language

The C ++ programming language is a high-level programming language, which Desktop game developers very much use this C ++ programming language to build and develop Desktop-based game applications. The C ++ programming language is a development of the C language with developments that add some new concepts such as a class with properties such as inheritance and overloading.

You can try to learn and make your favorite game using the C ++ programming language. Examples of popular games developed using C ++ programming languages ​​such as Crysis 2 and Crayon Physics Deluxe.

C # (C Sharp) Programming Language

For your Desktop application developers may already be familiar with the C # programming language, many C # languages ​​adopt the syntax from C ++ is new programming created by Microsoft. C # programming language can be used to build various types of applications, such as Windows-based applications (desktop) or web-based applications, and even programming languages ​​can also make applications based on web services.

In addition to some of the advantages of C # above, by using the famous game maker Unity3D Engine application, we can use the C # programming language as a programming language to make Android, IOS, and Desktop games. Some popular games that were built from unity3D using C # programming have been discussed on the merbist.com website such as the LiloCity game from Agate Studio.

Actionscript 3.0

As we know, ActionScript 3.0 is an object-oriented programming language, as well as programming languages ​​specifically for other games. The aim of developing the ActionScript 3.0 programming language is to create the ideal programming language in the process of building Internet applications quickly.

The Actionscript 3.0 programming language is commonly used by web game application developers who use the Flash Game format. Some examples of game applications created using the Actionscript 3.0 programming language such as Game Shopping Paradise are on the web Facebook.com and many other web games that are built using Actionscript 3.0 programming.

Objective-C Programming Language

Objective-C is also a programming language that you can use in developing game applications that use Mac OS.

From the explanations and examples of programming languages ​​and game applications made from several programming languages, we can conclude that in making games both based on Android, IOS and Desktop games are not covered in one programming language. You can learn to make your favorite game by trying the list of program languages ​​above, and master one program language first so that it’s easier if you want to migrate using another programming language.

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