5 of The Best Websites to Learn The Python Programming Language

The Python programming language is a popular one used by web development, web applications, office applications, simulations, and much more. This is because Python is dynamic and easy to understand the programming language.

To learn the Python programming language, in this millennial era, you don’t need to come to school or university. There are tons of online programs to learn Python programming. All you need is a computer and an internet connection.

Interestingly, these various free course sites offer interactive learning methods that are easy to understand. Here is the best website for learning Python programming:


Python.org is the official reference point for everything related to Python programming. To help Python, it will always need a reference to confirm something or get clarification about challenges while studying. This site contains official Python programming documentation. We can use documentation to obtain information related to Python.

In addition to containing documentation, Python.org also includes several tutorials on the basics of Python and covers several advanced topics, such as libraries and Python modules.

Code Academy

Code Academy is a learning site that offers tutorials on several programming languages, one of which is Python programming. This site is recommended for beginners and intermediate programmers. Learning material available is very easy for you to understand without difficulty. This site allows participants to change and activate their code directly on their website.


LearnPython.org is a site where we not only learn how to make code but also write and practice code in our web browser. This LearnPython.org site provides a basic python tutorial, which aims to make beginners correctly follow the tutorial. Learn python also includes a programming exercise at the end of each lesson.

That’s some information about sites that readers and developers can try to use for learning courses in the Python programming language. The above sites will equip you with the knowledge and skills needed for Python programming.

Google Python Class

Among other online tutorials, this Python course from Google is rated the best for learning the Python language. This website is most suitable for middle and experienced students. All Python concepts are well written and demonstrated. The tutorial also uses practical examples that can help you to have a deeper understanding of the Python language.

Content on this website is available in various formats, including eBooks and video tutorials. This gives us the freedom to choose which format you want. There are also exercises at the end of each topic or concept.

Tutorials Point

Point Tutorials is a popular site that provides tutorials for various programming languages, including Python. This site contains tutorials for the basics and advanced levels of Python.

This site teaches us how to create web applications, make games and even manipulate basic data using Python.

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