6 Free Websites to Make Android Applications Online

On the subject of how to create an android application for beginners, it has already been alluded to if creating an android application can be offline and also online. Then how do you make an online android application?

To make an android application online even without having to master a particular programming language (coding), we can use the 6 sites below.

Let us discuss one by one 8 sites that can be used to create online android applications.


Quoted from the official site AppMakr, a website that can be used to create android and iPhone applications by yourself without having to do coding. You can even make detail application with registration and some loyalty program. One of the success online gambling application using this platform is ASLA made by SBOBET which provides easy and simple access to your gambling needs. Some of the advantages of the AppMakr site are:

  • Very easy to use: creating apps from scratch usually takes a lot of time. AppMakr has taken care of the complicated part to provide a solution where creating an android or iPhone application no longer has to use coding,
  • Affordable: here, we can make as many applications as possible. But if you want to use the full features, we can use the paid version at an affordable price,
  • Cross-platform: we can create applications for Android and iPhone at the same time.

MIT App Inventor

MIT App Inventor is a platform that can be used to create android applications visually. Everyone and even children are expected to be able to build powerful applications for smartphones and tablets using MIT App Inventor.

MIT App Inventor claims people who are new to the MIT App Inventor can create simple applications and run in less than 30 minutes. Google first developed this platform. But now it has been run by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).


How to make a third online android application using Andromo. With Andromo, we can create android applications quickly and in 3 simple steps:

  • First, create an Andromo account. Here we don’t need programming skills. But we need an idea of ​​what android application we want to make
  • Next, add the desired features and styles. The features available include: adding content, video, audio, maps, and more.
  • After adding and clicking the finish button, the Andromo server will process our input into a good Android application, and the application is ready to be uploaded to Google Playstore.

Shephertz Appclay

By using AppClay Shephertz, we can create android applications with various categories, including Sports, Education, Events, Business, and Travelogue. In addition to the android application here, we can also create apps for Blackberry and HTML5.

Some of the features found in Appclay Shephertz are:

  • Shopping cart,
  • RSS Feed,
  • Push Notification,
  • Upload Audio / Video,
  • Social Connect,
  • Analysis & SEO.


The last way to make an online application is to use AppGesyer. According to the official website, by using AppGesyer, we can make applications online, fast, simple without having to use a programming language and incur costs.

Also, we can download, distribute, and monetize android applications that have been made in AppGesyer. Some of the benefits that we can get when creating an android application with AppGesyer are:

  • Create an android application in just 30 seconds,
  • Create an application within 2 minutes,
  • There are 70 more templates and others.

Appy Pie

How to make a sixth online android application using Appy Pie. According to Wikipedia, Appy Pie is a site that allows us to create an even monetize Android, iOS, and Windows Phone applications.

Quoted from the official website, there are several advantages that we can get when creating applications with Appy Pie, including:

  • Android or iOS application made here will feel like a native application,
  • Can monetize (make money) from applications that have been made
  • There is an analytic feature for applications that have been published in Playstore,
  • Making applications without having to have programming skills can with App Pie,
  • Complete features such as GPS, Notifications, and others.

That’s 6 sites that we can use to make android applications online. But if you want to create your own android application freely, it’s better to use Android Studio.

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