Golden Rules For Android Development

It’s an undeniable fact that apps are the number one preference for mobile users. Such applications play an important role in facilitating user tasks. There are many applications on the official market that will help you make your life easier and look for entertainment.

Android developers have golden rules, but these rules can also be followed by web developers. Follow these rules to further improve your app.

Understanding User Requirements

The first and most important key to building a Android application is to analyze user requirements. Understanding your needs makes it easier for you to create applications because you can get the solution that suits your problem.

Responsive User Interface

By increasing the responsiveness of the user interface, applications add value in terms of convenience and user experience. Responsive interface allows users to get a satisfying experience while using the applications we create and also we will get good feedback too.

Multi-Platform Performance Improvements

Many devices come in a variety of brands, sizes, and screen features, so of course you need to understand your device compatibility requirements and optimize the performance of your Android mobile applications.

Functionality and creativity

Better features and a very creative and attractive user interface are one of the basic requirements of the application. Of course, you need to balance the generation of functionality and creativity so that your application can make a good impression on your users.

Choosing the right methods

Developers should always experience the strengths and weaknesses of the right approach. Whether it’s a native app, a hybrid app, or an HTML5 mobile app, you should always take advantage of it. This approach helps determine the right application development platform. It also helps you find a way to transform your ideas into virtual platforms.

Build a good prototype

Beta test or build a prototype to get user feedback to understand where your application’s weaknesses are. Prototypes help you attract potential customers because you can use the project directly and get a better understanding of the scope of the project.

Tool integration

App owners need to integrate analytics tools that provide meaningful images of the traffic that your app is processing. This will give you ideas for interested customers who may become potential customers after running the app and its services.

Several effective mobile analysis tools can help you track your traffic :

  • Localytics
  • Mix panel
  • excitement
  • Google analytics

Update your application regularly

Updates are an important part of your application. Users are constantly looking to improve features that can improve the customer experience or provide additional functionality. App owners need to constantly update and deploy new features that help retain existing customers and attract new and potential customers.

Applications without updates or upgrades are likely to reduce their location or location in the App Store and are not the user’s preferred application.

Perform detailed application testing

To protect your application from unwanted bugs that can be annoying to users. Also, if necessary, you should do this test before launching your application, if possible.

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