How Do Free Mobile Apps Benefit?

You must have a collection of mobile apps on your device for various purposes, from business, social media, lifestyle to entertainment. There are so many choices of mobile applications available from either Apple, Google, or Microsoft. Of the many choices, most of you will certainly prefer a free application.

If you get these applications for free, then how do the application developers benefit? The following are some of the methods on how mobile apps raise funds.

Regular separation with Premium Apps

Some free applications offer a paid version of the application for more complete features. First of all, the user is given the convenience of the application’s interesting functions’ free performance. After that, the user is then presented with a link to upgrade using a paid application where the user can get a deeper experience with more and more interesting features. Usually, applications that use this kind of strategy use labels such as “Lite,” “Trial,” or “Regular.”

In-App Purchase


If you usually use game applications, you will definitely be familiar with this strategy because this method is widely used for in-game applications. Regular applications are provided free of charge. However, users are usually offered to buy features such as coins, gems/diamonds, or game characters to support their game. Similar to the separation of regular and premium apps, this strategy takes advantage of the user’s dependency or addiction to the apps. Some of the applications that benefit a lot from this strategy are games like Clash of Titans, Hayday, Social media Line, Joker123, and the Smule karaoke app.

Online gambling apps like Joker123 mostly use in-app purchases to simplify their transaction with users. With this method, users can easily buy credit to play their favorite games. Some sites already used this method several years ago, one of the sites is YukBola which already begun to develop the system back in 2015. Nowadays, you can easily top-up some credit to play your favorite Joker123 games with ease.


Apart from playing on additional features, the application also relies a lot on this alternative to earn money. This method is really annoying for most users. For that, usually, the apps that use this alternative are apps that already have a lot of downloads where users depend a lot on the app. One example of an application that uses this method is Echofon, which often displays small banner ads at the bottom of the screen.


Many application developers want to maintain the image of their application and maintain user satisfaction by avoiding advertisements or paid features. Usually, they are looking for investors who are interested in funding their application. In fact, there are many investors who are willing to finance developers. For example, Whatsapp was originally purchased by Facebook, relying on funds from investors.

Information Transaction

Some applications sell information obtained from users to offer them to companies. Data such as email addresses can be useful for companies for analytical materials where they can find out information such as customer interests through this data.


Like investors, many apps also rely on funds from donations, either permanent individual donations or donations from users who voluntarily donate funds for the development of apps. Messaging apps such as Telegram Messanger, which are ad-free and feature paid, rely on regular individual donations from Pavel Durov, owner of the firm Digital Fortress. In fact, there are also many apps that are not intended for profit.


Applications can also partner with other applications or e-commerce to promote their services. The form of this partnership is quite varied. As an illustration, users can “buy” songs for karaoke on Smule by exchanging points. These points are collected through watching advertisements, taking quizzes, or downloading other applications which, of course, have a partnership with Smule.

The bullet points above are a common way for mobile apps to fund their projects or make a profit. For maximum reciprocity, mobile apps often have more than one method above.

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