How To Quickly Master at Programming

Programming is actually a technique that becomes a computer program using one or more algorithm codes linked using a particular programming language. For programming learning activities can be said to be easy, if done seriously and occupied in depth. Many ask whether learning programming can be done by self-taught? The answer is yes. Self-taught programming is an option for some developers.

Here are some tips that can be done if learning programming on a self-taught:

Determine the Programming Language to be Learned

There are many programming languages ​​that are currently being developed. However, not all programming languages ​​have to be learned at the same time. In order to learn it easily, then you must determine what programming language to learn first.

Match the programming language you learn to our skills. That makes it easier to learn coding and understand what you’re learning. If you’re just starting to learn coding, you may be able to work with HTML. After mastering the field, move on to the next level. So do it in the easiest programming language to learn.

Learning programming is not just about learning a programming language. If you have already mastered a programming language, learn a more difficult programming language to improve your skills. In this way, you will improve your ability to learn programming.

Use a module or resource that provides a complete tutorial

To learn programming, you need to choose the right source. The modules used should also be complete and clear to make programming easier to learn. Individual learning resources can confuse users. You can find the tutorial that is easiest to understand. One of them is Code Politan.

You need to find a source that provides a complete tutorial. This makes it easy to apply the knowledge you have learned. Find a module or tutorial that fully conveys the material you are studying.

Create a regular programming curriculum

Of course, by scheduling your studies, you will do this on a regular basis and become a habit over time. Plan at least 12 hours to learn coding. Do nothing else. Focus on learning coding. In this way, learning materials can be understood more quickly and absorbed more easily.

You can use Google Calendar to remember the time to run the tutorial programming in order to run the schedule properly. I remembered it on Google Calendar, so I can remember my study time. Or, the easiest way is to create a learning plan at for intensive and focused learning.

The extended phase of Exercise

Must be completed through practice, not just memorization. You may need to repeat the exercises several times to remember what you are good at. It doesn’t make sense to just read the modules you searched for earlier. In fact, if you’re still confused about how to do that, you can join an online learning activity through CodePolitan (the site you’re currently reading). There are various articles to help you learn coding.

When learning programming, we only need to write and read, why? By writing, you can write your own code, and by reading, you can understand the code written by others. Programmers need programming expertise, not their bragging skills, so don’t say too much.

Try to fix it yourself

Then try fixing or debugging the error yourself. This allows you to troubleshoot or troubleshoot if the error recurs in the program you are trying to create. You can find bugs in your program simply by looking for opportunities to create it or by investigating again.

A little long to be a hill and expert

The next step you have to do is to teach the principle of “a little long to be a hill”. What do you mean? You just do something, but consistently, for example, learning to code for an hour every day is better than doing it once a week, all day. Because if you doing it all day, the time between the first and the second learning is relatively far apart. By doing this one hour a day will make it easier and faster to develop captured learning media, as long as it is consistent.

Start smaller, consistently and continuously. This will makes it easier to remember what you are studying. Just do it consistently will allow you to understand more of the material you are learning.

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