Things You Must Prepare To Become A Online Gambling Game Developer

The world has changed for a long time, and so have games. In the past, we were pleased about playing games in fat. A few years later, we turn to PS or just snake games on old cellphones. Now, games are getting more sophisticated as technology gets cooler.

Games can be played via a computer as well as via a smartphone. When connections in Indonesia became more stable, offline games began to decline and were replaced by online games. The excitement when online games started to appear was, we could duel with other people. So we don’t always play games alone.

Getting here, games are becoming profitable. Games are increasingly tempting with the benefits offered. The gaming market is expanding. From children to adults, all love games.

Game genres and types are also increasingly varied and change dynamically. Several years ago, Clash Of Clan was still the biggest hit. But now there are many games that are played individually or in groups.

In the mind of someone who really likes and plays games, may have dreamed of creating or creating their own games or what is called a game developer.

A game developer is actually a software developer who specializes in making video games. Therefore, most game developer positions are occupied by computer science and informatics engineering graduates.

However, not only mastering programming skills, a game developer is required to have an artistic taste and certainly a love for video games. Making a video game goes through a long process.

If you want to become a game developer, you have to prepare for this:

Online Gambling Programmer

If you have ever made a game from scratch to finish, it will be an irreplaceable plus when you apply for a job as a game programmer.

Master at least one programming language and Game Engine. Do some research on the Game Studio you want to get into and study the Game Engine they use.

For example, if you only master a web-based programming language (HTML5), it’s not wise if you apply to a game company that uses the Unity Game Engine as the main engine. HTML5 also used for many online gambling games as well, many big developers such as Maxbet, Sbobet, Joker Gaming, Pragmatic Play, and many more, used this basic programming language for their future products. As we can see, online gambling is making a huge leap in recent years.

Game Designer

A game designer needs to have good communication skills. Communication skills are used to convey game ideas in his head to the production team, and also a game designer must be able to understand what the production team is saying so that there are no misunderstandings.

As a game developer, you will design, create, and bring to life a new virtual world full of strategy, intrigue, and visual animation.

Therefore, you must have high creativity to be able to design a video game that is unique, visually attractive, and intrigues game lovers to be more curious about playing it.

A game developer must be able to build story plots that challenge gamers, encouraging them to purchase new games that are released for public distribution.

Apart from stories, the characters or characters are also an important attraction for a video game. The attractive main character is usually the center of the story of a game.

Interesting characters that are related to the gamers personal will attract them to continue to play the game and complete all challenges.

Apart from creativity in designing stories and characters, a video game developer must pay close attention to design details.

The design of a video game has many components that must be considered, such as color, texture, clothing, and environmental background.

Artist (2D Artist D Artist, Sound Artist)

If you are an artist, a portfolio is the most important thing when you apply for a job in a game studio. Do a lot of work by drawing, then add your work to your portfolio.

Likewise, the 3D Artist creates various kinds of 3D models. For Sound Artist, make a lot of musical arrangements. One thing to remember. Quality over quantity. Rather than filling your portfolio with less than good work, you should choose the Top 10 of your best work to be included in your portfolio.

Quality Assuranc

To become quality assurance, what is most needed is work experience. You can start with a practical work/internship in a game studio. Many game studios accept part-timers for quality assurance.

The most important thing in applying for quality assurance is that you can explain what methods and disciplines you use in-game testing so that later in the game, there are no bugs/errors.

Love to play games

Taking up a paid hobby is a dream job for many people. Video game development companies are already implementing this. In the recruitment process, they are not only looking for game developers who are qualified in skill but also video game maniacs.

Working as a game developer is not a job that can suit everyone. This job has high deadline pressure, demands continual perfection and improvement. If playing games is your hobby, you will enjoy every activity, task, and even pressure you face on a daily basis as a game developer.

In addition, a game developer who really likes playing games will find it easier to understand the tastes of gamers, both in terms of the story plot, characters, how to play, and audio and visual design.

Those are the things you have to prepare to become a game developer. Working in the world of video games does provide an interesting experience for you. But before you work, make sure you master the required competency qualifications.

Study diligently and keep practicing in order to master technical skills such as programming. In addition, improve your soft skills to support the hard skills you have learned in college. And most importantly, don’t forget to keep playing video games!

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