Want to Become a Programmer? Master These 6 Skills

One of the professions that are definitely needed today is a programmer. When more and more things are operated using technology and computer equipment, the company’s need to continue absorbing programmers is even wider. A programmer’s skills are needed to solve many problems.

programmer skills

The opportunities and potentials of a programmer are wide open. Moreover, the startup industry and the growth of companies that provide digital solutions are increasingly growing in Indonesia. However, joining companies and startups certainly cannot be empty-handed. A programmer needs to have in-depth provisions about the profession that will be carried out.

Some things that will be related to programming, for example, such as writing program code, debugging, testing programs, and of course making flowcharts, and problem solving

Just like any other profession, a programmer also has skills and knowledge that must be mastered. Compared to others, programmers are not even only struggling with coding knowledge, apart from that, there is a lot of knowledge that is also needed by a programmer to support his work.

Are you interested in becoming a programmer? We recommend that you prepare yourself by adding and deepening the 6 skills that a programmer must master.

  • Algorithm

A programmer without the basics of algorithms would be impossible. Without algorithms, programmers cannot do their jobs and jobs properly. Algorithms and data structures are the main and very basic things in programming. Algorithm basics are closely related to the logic that will be used during the execution of a program.

At least a programmer must master basic algorithmic structures such as variables, data types, functions, constants, IF logic, and other things that will be closely related to programming languages. Complex data structures can also be indispensable for solving certain problems.

  • Object Oriented Programming (OOP)

If you are an Information Systems student or someone who is currently exploring the world of Information Technology (IT), you must be very familiar with OOP. In the world of programming, exploring and knowing quite a lot about Object Oriented Programming (OOP) is something that should not be forgotten.

Techniques or paradigms in programming that are based on an object. When building a system, it seems important to think about multiple points of view. By understanding this technique, in the future you will be able to easily carry out maintenance and development.

  • English

English has often been studied since school, but why does a programmer still need to make English a skill? The answer is very simple, because there is a lot of code and a lot of programs and documentation are written in English. Even though it sounds trivial, English actually has very many roles for programmers.

Not only that, English is also important for communicating with fellow programmers in other parts of the world to solve a problem in a particular forum. The existence of an international forum for programmers is nothing new, to be active in the forum, the language used to communicate is of course English.

programmer skills

  • Source code

One of the basic components for programming a computer is source code. A programmer will usually use a text editor, visual programming tools, or other management system that is used for various source code files. Understanding a source code can greatly make it easier for programmers to create similar programs that will be applied to other platforms.

Even though it’s a code, the existing code can still be read by humans. So that it becomes something a programmer also needs to master. Writing good source code can be done in several ways, for example making it very simple, consistent in every code, to making notes for certain functions.

  • Database design

Mastering databases is of course very important. However, database design also needs to be mastered. The process of generating detailed data models from a database is something that really needs to be deepened. A programmer must master database design in order to avoid data redundancy.

There are at least 6 database design processes that need to be carried out. Starting from requirements analysis, conceptual database, logical database design, schema repair, physical database design, and security application design.

  • Mastering a certain programming language

As we know, there are many programming languages that exist and are used in every program that is created. Some of the most commonly used programming languages include PHP, JavaScript, C ++, and so on. Every programming language that exists certainly has a different level of difficulty.

Even though there are many ways that make it easier for a programmer so that you don’t have to bother using a programming language, as a programmer, it is important to understand and deepen a programming language that can be your main skill. By exploring the programming language, you can be much better at it and become a selling point and skill that you can master.

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