To run an android application on a computer or laptop, we can use Emulator. For example, with the help of an emulator, we can play android games on a PC / laptop freely.

Also, the emulator is a tool that must be installed by android developers, because the emulator functions to refine or test the android application that we have made using Android Studio, React Native, or Flutter.

Here are 3 Emulators that we can use to run android applications that we are developing, especially using Android Studio.


Genymotion is an emulator that has performance fast enough to run Android applications on a PC or laptop. We can install the emulator on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS operating systems. Also, its features are complete, such as GPS, SMS and Call, Battery, Wifi Network, and others.

The advantages:

  • Is intended for developers
    Periodic updates
    Already supports Android OS Oreo

Deficiency :

Free trial service with paid options per year

How to use :

  • Download and install Genymotion with Virtual Box
    Open Android Studio> File> Settings> Plugin
    Search for and install the Genymotion Plugin
    Restart Android Studio
    Press the CTRL + SHIFT + A keys simultaneously on the keyboard
    and type and click Genymotion Device Manager
    Genymotion emulator is ready to use

Bluestack for Playing Sbobet Casino in Desktop

Bluestacks is the best android emulator that is widely used by gamers or developers. Bluestack can be used smoothly on a PC or Laptop that has 2 GB of RAM.

Emulator performance on this one is quite fast and stable with various features it has; one of them is the location setting feature. Using bluestacks, you can play agen sbobet mobile from desktop, some members already attached to the mobile version although they betting using their laptop but they still want mobile appearance.


  • The most popular Android emulator
    Already supports Android Version of Nougat
    UI / UX is very easy to understand

Deficiency :

  • It is rather heavy when used
    Need qualified PC specifications

How to use :

  • Download and install BlueStack on your PC or laptop
    If it’s already open and runs BlueStack
    Sign in using Gmail
    After that choose Settings> Preferences
    Activate Android Debug with the Enable Android Debug checkbox
    After that open Android Studio
    Then click the run icon, and a bluestack emulator will appear
    and the emulator is ready to use

AVD (Android Virtual Device)

Android Virtual Device or often called AVD is the default android emulator from Android Studio. Thus, when we have installed Android Studio, AVD will also be installed. But we must still configure to use it.

By using AVD, we can do a configuration that explains the characteristics of an android smartphone, tablet, android wear, and smart tv that you want to be simulated, because Android Studio can also be used for application development on other Android devices.

Benefits of AVD:

  • Complete features such as hardware profile, skin, and others.
    Is intended for developers
    Full support from Google

Deficiency :

  • Requires high computer specifications

How to use :

  • Open Android Studio then click AVD Manager
    Create a Virtual Device to create a new emulator
    Select the type of phone to be emulated. For example nexus, pixels, and others
    Determine the system image such as Marshmallow, Nougat, and others
    Name the emulator
    Finally, click finish then we can run the emulator
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