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Java programming language is one example of programming languages ​​that can run on various computers (PCs/laptops), including mobile phones/smartphones.

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21 Tips to Become More Creative Every Day

21 tips to be more creative

Creativity is a characteristic that we possess all, to values more or less high. And as with everything, the more you stimulate it, the more it evolves.

Be and to become creative is not a question of the genome. In effect, we can consider creativity like a sense in it even though we must stimulate on a daily basis to be as effective as possible. The profession of advertising, more than in others fields, requires being creative day after day. Creativity is needed if you want to play online gambling, such as at, the sites that are really good at informing you about RTP Live. Here are 21 tips to follow daily to become more creative.

  1. Find 10 ideas a day

Same if this figure is variable according to the desires, it does not is not less than to become more and more creative, it is necessary to find ideas. And I don’t necessarily speak of ideas for advertisers. In effect, we can find ideas, stories, music, architecture, food, our society, in short, of everything around us. The goal is to find ideas every day, without necessarily realizing them.

  1. Ask the right questions

Reflection is inseparable from creativity. For example, when you have an idea, you have to know how to ask yourself the right questions about its achievement and its condition. But you shouldn’t ask questions just about ideas. In effect, nothing better stimulates creativity than asking questions about the world around us. The best, of course, is then to try to go seek answers.

  1. Play devil’s advocate

Playing devil’s advocate is essential. That will allow them to sharpen critical sense and develop the “why I don’t like” or on the contrary the “why I like that”. Playing devil’s advocate allows also to go look for the small animal on an idea which will then allow it to give it a more interesting form to a project, for example.

  1. Read books

Reading is a source not to be neglected to stimulate creativity. Whether reading about personal development or science fiction, reading is an essential action. That allows you to immerse yourself in the creativity of others while improving your own (as well as your level spelling, but it is a different story).

  1. Watch educational video rather than television

In effect, watching educational videos rather than television is an interesting point. For example, when you have time, rather than slumping on the sofa, take your computer and go to YouTube. Personally, I like to watch videos on the explanation of space and black holes, on the history of our civilization or even on the life of dinosaurs. It’s more rewarding and stimulating than a typical television program, of which you will have forgotten the content within the hour.

  1. Read the news

Same if sometimes that perhaps a source of waste of time, taking an interest in the news of the world around us is essential. A good advertiser is interested in new trends and draws its strength in the news.

  1. Share what you learn with others

Sharing is a point not to be overlooked. Same if that may appear obvious, sharing what we learn with those around you is quite stimulating, whether either for others or for you. Your contacts will be able to bounce off what you have learned and you learn even more things.

  1. Apply what you have learned

Because yes, if you learn, through a video on YouTube for example, to repair a piece of furniture or to prepare a chili con carne in less than 10 minutes it would be a shame not to take advantage of it. Put into practice what you learn.

  1. Make a to do list

There are smartphone apps that are perfect for making this kind of list. Fix your things to do with different deadlines:

-To do in the week

-To do in the month

-To do in the year

-To do in life

  1. Make a DON’T list

Too often we think of making a to-do list, but little often about things not to do. Like point 9, fix your things not to do. You save time and therefore creativity.

  1. Write what we learn

Writing is, like reading, a point that stimulates creativity. For this, you can write what you learn. You can also create a blog or write articles is a very good initiative.

  1. Take classes in line

Do you still dream of learning to code, to cook, or to speak Mandarin? Why not take lessons in line? You come on power and learn quickly new things without spending money astronomically while saving time.

  1. Talk to interesting people

Surroundings are an excellent stimulator of creativity. try to surround yourself with interesting people, to have lunch, to go out with interesting people, you learn a lot of things and become, in turn, an interesting one.

  1. Subscribe to RSS feeds

As we said in our article on how to keep a good watch advertising, do not hesitate to subscribe to RSS feeds that interest you. You will thus be Thus kept up to date with all the news in the areas that interest you, and as we said above, the news is a significant weapon to stimulate creativity.

  1. Play creative and ‘smart’ games

Forget Candy Crush and other Clash Of Clan on your smartphone. Already you stop getting drunk, your friends asking them for their lives, and you have more time to play ‘smart’ games like Duel Quiz or Draw Something. Puzzle games are also very good games. The Peak (Brain Training) app is also a good app that I use from time to time.

  1. Use a “Word Of The Day” app

This type of application offers a word, a work of art or something to do, and directly in your smartphone. Nothing better to discover new things. For example, I use Dojo which allows you to discover new places to have a drink.

  1. Get out of your comfort zone

Getting out of your comfort zone, isn’t that the best source of creativity? In effect, if you wish to stimulate your creativity, do not hesitate to step out of your comfort zone on a daily basis. Do things that you’re not used to, like listen to different music, watch an emission or read a magazine you don’t know, etc.

  1. Explore new horizons

This point connects to the previous one. Multiplying trips allows you to open up the spirit and to increase thinking ability. On a smaller scale, do not hesitate to go to parties where you’re not used to to go to bars you don’t frequent, etc. In short, push the doors!

  1. Make time to be bored

Because it is boring to be creative! When you are bored, on Sunday for example, do not do not slouch in front of the television. Take time to be bored. You will push the limits of your creativity and find things to do that you wouldn’t have imagined TO DO : draw, do an exhibition, write, read, play sports, think about ideas, carry out projects, etc. Personally, it’s when I’m bored I become more productive.

  1. Adopt a hobby to practice daily

If you love to draw, do it. If you like to read, do it. If you love to write, do it. This is in practicing what kind of daily exercise you will become best in this hobby, and therefore better creatively speaking.

  1. Exercise and eat healthy

A small bonus point but which is not to be ignored: exercise and eat healthy to stay in form. In effect, if you are tired or that you miss energy, it will be felt when you will have to brainstorm, come up with ideas, etc. Do not hesitate to take the time to sleep well, because even if you think it will be a waste of time given the mountain of work to be done, it will only be beneficial and you will feel it.

The final word

If you also have your little habits to stimulate your creativity, do not hesitate to share them in the comments!

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7 Biggest And Most Successful Game Developers In The World

There are lots of games available on the Google PlayStore, and every game must have a developer or what we often call a game developer. Just like a game, there are as many game developers as they are competing to create the best game that can be played by everyone.

Do you know which android game developers are very successful and have lots of games? Well, in this article, Merbist already has a list of the Biggest and Most Successful Android Game Developers in the world.

The Biggest and Most Successful Android Game Developer
One of the factors that are considered why game developers can be included in this list is because of the large number of games produced and the popularity of the games produced.

Then which game companies are the biggest Android game developers? You must be very familiar with the names on this list. Come on, just take a look at the list below.

Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc.

If you are familiar with the PlayStation, surely you have also played one of the games made by Bandai Namco. This Japanese developer is already very well known for the quality of the games he makes, such as Tekken.

As for mobile, Bandai Namco also has a number of game titles that you should try. Most Bandai Namco games are from the Anime series. Starting from Dragon Ball Legends, Naruto X Boruto Ninja Voltage, Digimon Links, and Memory Defrag to Sword Art Online.


Next is the game developer Com2uS from Korea, this company was founded by three students. The peak of their glory was after the release of an RPG game called Summoners War.

Besides Summoners War, there are also other games such as Inotia 4, Chain Strike, MLB 9 Inning 18, The World of Magic, and many more.


You can also include Disney in the list of giant companies producing games, even though the scope of their industry is very wide.

Your favorite Disney animated movie characters come in game form. Call it Cars: Lightning Leap, Inside Out Thought Bubbles, Frozen Free Fall, and don’t forget Where’s My Water.

Electronic Arts

Who are gamers who are not familiar with this one game producer? Electronic Arts or often referred to as EA is known as a producer of cross-platform games including PlayStation.

The games developed by EA are of course very popular, such as FIFA Soccer, Plants vs Zombies, The Sims Mobile, SimCity BuildIt, and Need For Speed ​​No Limits to NBA Live. They even hold two legendary game licenses, Monopoly and Tetris.


Gameloft is a well-known game developer based in Paris, France. However, as one of the giant developer companies, of course, Gameloft has branches everywhere.

Of course, there are many popular games produced by Gameloft. Call it like Minion Rush, Brothers In Arms, Asphalt racing game series to Real Football. Until now there are more than 50 games that have been made by Gameloft and almost all of them are popular.

NetEase Games

If you’ve ever played Battle Royale games like Rules of Survival, surely you’re already familiar with NetEase. NetEase is one of the mobile game developers who have quite a big name.

Not only the Rules of Survival that have been made by NetEase. This Chinese developer also makes several other games such as Identity, Cyber ​​Hunter, LifeAfter, and many others.


Next, there is a giant company from Japan. In the early 90s, Sega became Nintendo and Sony’s biggest competitor in producing game consoles.

Because they lost competitiveness, they finally focused on making games, including mobile. The games they have produced include the Sonic series, Crazy Taxy, Street of Rage Classic to the Football Manager game which is not free.

Well, that was a list of some of the biggest game developers who have released many popular game titles and maybe you’ve also played some of them.

If you know, in the gambling world there are also several successful online slot providers and have fans from all over the world. Pragmatic Play, Microgaming and PG Soft are the largest slot providers that have released hundreds of games. They continue to compete in terms of quality. There’s nothing wrong if you try some of their game collections.

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7 Ways to Create Effective Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Social media is quite effective marketing. How to make effective social media marketing needs to be known in order to create a marketing marketing strategy. Through creating marketing content on social media to improve a business.

How to Make Effective Social Media Marketing

7 Ways to Create Effective Social Media Marketing

1. Form an audience profile

The first thing you have to do in how to create social media marketing for your business is to determine the audience profile. Form an audience profile that is following the predetermined target market under the products you have.

The details can vary, but there is general and basic information about the target audience data used for determination. This can help summarize what each audience’s content interests are like. It becomes a reference to attract more customers to buy the product.

2. Choose the platform to use

Next, choose which social media platform to use to carry out a marketing strategy. Each social media platform has an audience with different interests according to the audience that dominates it. So it is necessary to pay attention to choosing a social media platform that is under the product’s target market.

3. Create content that audiences prefer

After getting the right social media platform, find out what kind of content is currently booming. This can attract an audience because content that is going viral can attract more audiences.

In addition to using content that the audience prefers, you can also do a giveaway program. Where it can increase followers to engagement on social media.

4. Keep audience trust

Maintaining the trust of the audience is very important. They will remain loyal viewers and even supporters if you provide reliable and trustworthy information. If you are struggling in the field of online gambling, then provide information about trusted online slot gambling sites. Which are well-known for maintaining the trust of their members over the years, willing to pay the profits from playing slots with them and providing reasonable newcomer bonuses. Never inform an untrustworthy slot site just because you are given a high payout.

5. Respond to and monitor content interactions

If you finish publishing content, there will be an audience who responds to the content. This can be a reference in the next content which includes comments, shares, or likes. Then manage to plan in the next post.

Comments and messages given by the audience regarding related content make sure they respond accordingly. So that the algorithm on your social media has increased which affects increasing visibility.

6. Evaluate content results

The last way to make good social media marketing is to measure the performance of each uploaded content through the analytics feature. Contains the number of views, comments, and likes that can be used as a benchmark for measuring and evaluating content.

7. Schedule content posting times

Time to post content on social media is not very significant for content performance. However, it would be better if you schedule to publish content according to the target audience’s active hours.

Usually, it is effective to post content in your spare time, such as breaks or lunch hours and when you come home from work at night. Because at that time many people access social media.

That way you can learn what is lacking and what needs to be maintained to increase engagement.

Having good social media marketing can be an advantage to reach a wider audience. We need a way to make social media marketing interesting to increase engagement. Moreover, the products displayed on social media are more preferred.


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The Best Game Developer of All Time

The Best Game Developer of All Time

If we talk about video games, then we will never be separated from a group of people who have been willing to work hard behind the creation of a game, they are usually called Game Developers / Game Developers. Developers consist of various people who are experts in their respective fields, such as programming, design, art, testing, and so on. Game developers have their own specialization in producing a game, both from genre and platform. For example, developer A specializes in games with the First-Person Shooter (FPS) genre on the PC platform. They will only produce games with the FPS genre every few years only for PC. Developer B specializes in Role Playing Game (RPG) games on the PS4 platform. They will also only produce RPG genre games only for PS4, and so on. However, this does not rule out the possibility for a developer to create games with various genres and platforms.

Generally, game developers work with companies that manage the developer’s finances and marketing (promotion, etc.) But not a few developers who fund their own game projects, they are what we call independent developers / indie developers. Although most publishers have their own development studio to make games (such as EA with EA Canada, KONAMI, and so on), but because the publisher’s main job is to publish / publish a game and manage marketing, they are basically still called with publishers.

The intervention of publishers in the game world brings developers to compete with other developers to show their best games. This competition is very high risk, where here they will be faced with two choices, the first is if many are interested and like their games, then they will survive in the game market. Meanwhile, if many are not interested and like their game, then they have to prepare themselves to go bankrupt and leave the game market. Although many developers failed to achieve their goals, behind it all, not a few developers managed to win the hearts of their fans with games that will be remembered for all time. So, how many developers deserve the title of the best developer of all time? I’ve summarized it with a list* below.

*Note: The list of numbers does not indicate from the best to the worst or vice versa.

Naughty Dog

Who doesn’t know them? This exclusive game developer owned by Sony Computer Entertainment with his PlayStation products deserves to be called the best developer of all time. Why not? The developer, who was originally known as the Crash Bandicoot series, is a very creative and innovative developer in making games. Their games have a unique genre and gameplay. Not infrequently many want to imitate the gameplay of the games made by Naughty Dog even though it is not as successful as the game made by Naughty Dog.

Their achievements are proven by the award they received in one of their games, The Last of Us which has won many awards. Then, is it possible that they will win many more awards such as The Last of Us with Uncharted 4 which will be released later on PS4? We will see later.


Of course you are already familiar with Assassin’s Creed, Tom Clancy’s series (Splinter Cell, Ghost Recon, H.A.W.X, EndWar, etc.), and Prince of Persia, right? Yes, these 3 game titles are a handful of dozens of innovative games by the Ubisoft or UBI team. Their game is able to hit the game market with its interesting gameplay. Unlike Naughty Dog, which always makes games with unique and innovative gameplay, Ubisoft actually makes games that can force you to think hard to go through the puzzles at every level they present, this is what makes Ubisoft attractive.

Not only making games, the third largest indie developer, which was originally formed by 5 people and has been active for 29 years, also doubles as a game publisher. Call it one of the games made by THQ, a developer that went bankrupt and was later taken over by Ubisoft, South Park: Stick of Truth. Even though Ubisoft’s prestige had fallen thanks to the failure of Watch Dogs and one of its flagship franchises, Assassin’s Creed: Unity, its role in the game world cannot be denied, they have received many awards both as developers and publishers.

Westwood Studios

Maybe those of you who were born in this digital era don’t know this game developer from Nevada, the United States, which was founded in 1985. The developer, who we can call as an expert on Real Time Strategy (RTS) games, was famous for their flagship franchise Command & Conquer (C&C) series in their heyday. The developer who is known for his Real Time Strategy (RTS) game has actually made various genres such as adventure and RPG, but they are better known for their RTS games.

In 1998 Westwood Studios was bought by Electronic Arts (EA) which then made some of Westwood Studios employees leave the developer who had raised their name. They left because EA forced Westwood to immediately release Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun, an unfinished game at the time.

Westwood Studios’ career took off thanks to Dune and the C&C series. This RTS game made by Westwood is a benchmark for other developers to make RTS games. This is also evidenced by the development of other RTS games based on Westwood Studios concoction gameplay, where players will be required to build a base, find resources to make tanks, troops, and superweapons such as nuclear or bomber planes to attack enemy bases.

Westwood Studios also does not stop innovating, one of which is by combining two genres, namely RTS and FPS into one at C&C: Renegade which has now been remade by fans using the Unreal Engine and changed its title to Renegade X. Unfortunately, in 2003 EA was forced to close the studio due to C&C: Renegade not meeting expectations.

EA then worked on the Westwood legacy C&C series with various experiments and changes. At first they went well after releasing C&C Generals and Zero Hour’s Expansion, but in the end their experiment failed. EA’s new experiments don’t make the gameplay of the C&C series any better, they destroy everything that Westwood has formulated.

I still remember when they made C&C: 4 which has a very different gameplay from the previous series and feels strange when played, C&C Red Alert 3 which has a plus in the graphics but has a weakness in a very narrow map. EA’s hopes of resurrecting the upgraded C&C series using the Frostbite Engine, Command & Conquer (formerly C&C Generals 2) were dashed because consumers didn’t like the changes they made when the beta launched.

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Tips for Creating an Attractive Website For Your Business

The use of technology in the digital age is evolving very rapidly, as evidenced by the widespread use of the Internet in remote rural areas. In fact, many entrepreneurs in this situation use the Internet as a medium to drive their business. One is the creation of websites that are performed with reference to tips for creating attractive and effective websites for business development.

Website building tips for beginners

Of course, creating your own website is not an easy task. This is because there are some real things you need to do that will help you get a compelling website look later. For those who are really confused about this, here are some website-building tips that you can use as a reference to make it your product promotion asset.

Try to make a good layout

One of the keys to a very attractive website is a very attractive layout design. Of course, to create such a design, you should also try to apply a combination of bullets, colors, and terrain at the right intervals. Applying these website building tips, also makes a very attractive first impression for your website visitors and you have the opportunity to be sure to come back.

Load useful content

It’s not just the layout you need to consider when creating an attractive website as a promotional stand. It is also highly recommended that the tips for creating a website provide a variety of very interesting and useful content. This content should also be related to products that will be marketed later through the website. Always describe your SEO compliance to get the highest ranking on the first page of your search engine.

Don’t forget to use interesting headlines

Another factor that influences the success of creating websites related to this content is the placement and meaning of headings that make a deep impression on website visitors. In other words, these website building tips also recommend creating keyword-rich headlines so that when you search on a search engine, your website will appear on the first page of the search engine increase.

Use attractive visual content

Don’t just write quality to get potential customers to buy your product. According to website building tips, it’s also essential to place some images on your website that will later encourage potential customers to buy your product. Make sure the images you place on your site are very interesting and have their own meaning.

Many reference websites with interesting content to get ideas, including online gambling. Online gambling often displays interesting content by displaying interesting images, GIFs, and fonts like this website Agen Sbobet Terpercaya. It’s no wonder that many people visit online gambling sites. In addition to interesting content, you can also participate in online gambling for big bucks and many other benefits.

Simplify navigation

Another thing to consider in your website building tips is to create navigation that will help website visitors find content in a short amount of time later. You can perform this action by posting a link that leads to other interesting content on your website.

Website building tips make it difficult for readers to find what they want from your site, so it strongly discourages those who publish long content without good navigation.

Make sure your website is responsive

Not everyone visits a website from a PC, as most people often access it from their mobile phones. There are many very attractive websites, but when you load them on your mobile phone, you will not be satisfied with various other obstacles. Therefore, with these website building tips, create a mobile-friendly website that makes it easier to load your website on your mobile phone.

Don’t miss the summons

Along with these website building tips, if you use the website as a medium to promote your product, a subpoena to encourage action, including later information on the contact information used to contact you and how to order your product. Be sure to include. This gives you the opportunity to sell your product later.

Make sure everything is working properly

When it comes to website building tips, you should also pay attention to your website’s loading speed. Since many websites take a long time to load, visitors prefer to close them and visit another website. The slow loading problem should be resolved immediately by creating lighter content that doesn’t have too large an image setting.

The same applies to website building tips, even if the link turns out to be broken. Indeed, you have experienced this before. When you find that the link to the information you need is broken you finally decide to go to another website to get the information that suits your needs. Websites with such broken links indicate that the owner does not care about maintaining the website.

Tips for designing websites used as advertising media point out that websites should always be designed in an attractive way. Also, make sure your website is responsive and mobile-friendly so that you can access it anytime, anywhere. Also, make sure that the content you load is combined with the image to make this interesting for your next purchase of the product.

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Golden Rules For Android Development

It’s an undeniable fact that apps are the number one preference for mobile users. Such applications play an important role in facilitating user tasks. There are many applications on the official market that will help you make your life easier and look for entertainment.

Android developers have golden rules, but these rules can also be followed by web developers. Follow these rules to further improve your app.

Understanding User Requirements

The first and most important key to building a Android application is to analyze user requirements. Understanding your needs makes it easier for you to create applications because you can get the solution that suits your problem.

Responsive User Interface

By increasing the responsiveness of the user interface, applications add value in terms of convenience and user experience. Responsive interface allows users to get a satisfying experience while using the applications we create and also we will get good feedback too.

Multi-Platform Performance Improvements

Many devices come in a variety of brands, sizes, and screen features, so of course you need to understand your device compatibility requirements and optimize the performance of your Android mobile applications.

Functionality and creativity

Better features and a very creative and attractive user interface are one of the basic requirements of the application. Of course, you need to balance the generation of functionality and creativity so that your application can make a good impression on your users.

Choosing the right methods

Developers should always experience the strengths and weaknesses of the right approach. Whether it’s a native app, a hybrid app, or an HTML5 mobile app, you should always take advantage of it. This approach helps determine the right application development platform. It also helps you find a way to transform your ideas into virtual platforms.

Build a good prototype

Beta test or build a prototype to get user feedback to understand where your application’s weaknesses are. Prototypes help you attract potential customers because you can use the project directly and get a better understanding of the scope of the project.

Tool integration

App owners need to integrate analytics tools that provide meaningful images of the traffic that your app is processing. This will give you ideas for interested customers who may become potential customers after running the app and its services.

Several effective mobile analysis tools can help you track your traffic :

  • Localytics
  • Mix panel
  • excitement
  • Google analytics

Update your application regularly

Updates are an important part of your application. Users are constantly looking to improve features that can improve the customer experience or provide additional functionality. App owners need to constantly update and deploy new features that help retain existing customers and attract new and potential customers.

Applications without updates or upgrades are likely to reduce their location or location in the App Store and are not the user’s preferred application.

Perform detailed application testing

To protect your application from unwanted bugs that can be annoying to users. Also, if necessary, you should do this test before launching your application, if possible.

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How To Quickly Master at Programming

Programming is actually a technique that becomes a computer program using one or more algorithm codes linked using a particular programming language. For programming learning activities can be said to be easy, if done seriously and occupied in depth. Many ask whether learning programming can be done by self-taught? The answer is yes. Self-taught programming is an option for some developers.

Here are some tips that can be done if learning programming on a self-taught:

Determine the Programming Language to be Learned

There are many programming languages ​​that are currently being developed. However, not all programming languages ​​have to be learned at the same time. In order to learn it easily, then you must determine what programming language to learn first.

Match the programming language you learn to our skills. That makes it easier to learn coding and understand what you’re learning. If you’re just starting to learn coding, you may be able to work with HTML. After mastering the field, move on to the next level. So do it in the easiest programming language to learn.

Learning programming is not just about learning a programming language. If you have already mastered a programming language, learn a more difficult programming language to improve your skills. In this way, you will improve your ability to learn programming.

Use a module or resource that provides a complete tutorial

To learn programming, you need to choose the right source. The modules used should also be complete and clear to make programming easier to learn. Individual learning resources can confuse users. You can find the tutorial that is easiest to understand. One of them is Code Politan.

You need to find a source that provides a complete tutorial. This makes it easy to apply the knowledge you have learned. Find a module or tutorial that fully conveys the material you are studying.

Create a regular programming curriculum

Of course, by scheduling your studies, you will do this on a regular basis and become a habit over time. Plan at least 12 hours to learn coding. Do nothing else. Focus on learning coding. In this way, learning materials can be understood more quickly and absorbed more easily.

You can use Google Calendar to remember the time to run the tutorial programming in order to run the schedule properly. I remembered it on Google Calendar, so I can remember my study time. Or, the easiest way is to create a learning plan at for intensive and focused learning.

The extended phase of Exercise

Must be completed through practice, not just memorization. You may need to repeat the exercises several times to remember what you are good at. It doesn’t make sense to just read the modules you searched for earlier. In fact, if you’re still confused about how to do that, you can join an online learning activity through CodePolitan (the site you’re currently reading). There are various articles to help you learn coding.

When learning programming, we only need to write and read, why? By writing, you can write your own code, and by reading, you can understand the code written by others. Programmers need programming expertise, not their bragging skills, so don’t say too much.

Try to fix it yourself

Then try fixing or debugging the error yourself. This allows you to troubleshoot or troubleshoot if the error recurs in the program you are trying to create. You can find bugs in your program simply by looking for opportunities to create it or by investigating again.

A little long to be a hill and expert

The next step you have to do is to teach the principle of “a little long to be a hill”. What do you mean? You just do something, but consistently, for example, learning to code for an hour every day is better than doing it once a week, all day. Because if you doing it all day, the time between the first and the second learning is relatively far apart. By doing this one hour a day will make it easier and faster to develop captured learning media, as long as it is consistent.

Start smaller, consistently and continuously. This will makes it easier to remember what you are studying. Just do it consistently will allow you to understand more of the material you are learning.

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Different PC Gaming and Smartphone Gaming

As time goes by, changing trends are now testing the gaming industry, which chooses between PC gaming or mobile gaming. if in the past we only played games on consoles like Playstation, Nintendo. Now since the presence of smartphones, the trend has changed.

Since the presence of smartphones and also the MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) genre game, which was previously only available on PC, has now penetrated smartphones. If on PC we know a similar game, namely Dota 2, if on smartphones we know Arena of Valor, the two games both provide interesting gameplay to set strategies and also have good graphics.

In addition to MOBA games, since the existence of smartphones, more and more other genres have entered this device, and this has become a competition for developers to create interesting games, examples of games on smartphones today are PUBG Mobile, Free Fire, Mobile Legends, and Clash Of Clans.

Then how is the comparison of the two topics that have been mentioned above? Is PC Game the best game to date? Here’s the review.

Widescreen, then the view is wider

Mobile and PC screens are very different, what is very clear is the difference in the screen area of ​​the two. Games on PC have a wider view if you play and are more comfortable. In addition to a widescreen, screen resolution is no less important. because the higher the resolution, the better the game will look. while for now the smartphone also almost has a pretty good resolution, which is 144Hz. And it’s also indulgent for those of you who have a habit of playing games on smartphones.

Add-on device

Additional tools are sometimes required to play the game. Its function is clear to make it easier for players to play. One of the most popular in the smartphone gaming world is the cooling fan, which is useful for cooling the device while playing games because if our phone is hot, the game motion will be damaged.

for PC games, players need a mouse and keyboard, both of which are like the heart of a player, without them the game will not run. Many brands also provide special keyboards and mice for gaming which are much more expensive. Apart from the mouse and keyboard, there are also other controllers for playing PC games such as Joystick, Racing wheel, and Virtual guitar.

When viewed from the device, mobile games are more affordable and more compact than PC gaming. even with enhancements, mobile games can still run.

In-App purchases

Mobile games tend to be more wasteful than PC games. why? Because there are so many temptations such as skins or interesting items to buy in mobile games. Even the price can be many times compared to PC games.

In addition to more, items and skins in mobile games can also add useful effects for players. therefore, in-app purchases in mobile gaming are higher and in PC games more controllable.


PC games are indeed superior in terms of a more flexible view, and good graphics. But what about the flexibility? Smartphones can be taken anywhere and can play the game wherever you are, even if you don’t need an add-on device, the game can still run.

Unlike the PC, which can only be played in one place, and cannot move around. but now there is also a substitute for a PC that can be taken anywhere, namely a laptop. Laptops also need an add-on device such as a mouse to run the game. and also laptops can only be used to play games when you are in several places where it is possible to play. Still, it can’t beat the versatility of a smartphone.

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3 Free Game Development Software Tools to Make Your Own Games

Are you bored with the games that exist lately? How about you guys make it? Do you guys have that idea? Now, everyone including you can make games with laptops and applications that you can download.

Of course, you can, but that doesn’t mean game development is easy. Do you know the game flappy bird or snake? It’s a simple game but requires a lot of effort to look and feel good to play. Thanks to free game development software, game creation is now efficient.

The following is a list of the best software for making games that you can use right now:

  • Construct 3

No need to code or program. Construct 3 is the best game development software to use if you have never learned about programming codes. It’s fully GUI driven here, meaning it’s all just drag and drop. Game logic and its variables are implemented using the design features provided in the construct application.

The advantage of the Construct 3 application is that it can export data to many platforms without the need to change the data format. After game creation is complete, it can be exported as HTML5, Android, IoS, Windows, Xbox, Linux, Mac, and more.

Construct 3 has some of the best and most comprehensive documentation ever for game development. Apart from that, there are hundreds of tutorials that will help you understand basic concepts for professionals, and it also has a very active community forum.

Some programmers only have basic practice in making games, music, or animation. But that’s not a problem with Construct 3, as you can browse and purchase ready-made assets from the Game Developer Asset Store. Most asset packs cost just a few bucks or even less than $1, but professional-grade models can cost $30 or more. You can buy sample games with helpful resources to learn new tips and tricks.

Construct 3 is also available in a free version which has core features that are limited to 25 events, 2 layer objects, 2 simultaneous special effects, 1 web front, and no multiplayer function and can only be exported in HTML5, and cannot be traded.

  • Unity

Unity was originally known as 3D in 2005 and finally added 2D support in 2013. Perfect for creating games of all shapes, sizes, 3D as well as 2D to 2D mobile. there is a high chance that you yourself have played games made with unity

Component-Based Design. Unity didn’t come up with the component entity design, but had a big hand in popularizing it, In short everything in a game is an object and you can attach various components to each object, where each component controls some aspect of the behavior and logic of the object.


To get the most out of Unity, you should use C#. The good news is Unity is used globally, among veteran gamers, so you’ll find tons of great Unity tutorials to help with game creation. Unity itself also has video tutorials for beginners.

Unity has the widest export support of free video game design software: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, HTML5, Facebook, all kinds of VR systems like Oculus and Steam VR, as well as multiple consoles like PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Wii U, and Nintendo Switch.

  • GameMaker Studio 2

Drag-n-Drop Code. GameMaker Studio 2 is almost the same as Construct 3, which allows you to create games just by dragging and dropping menus or items that will be used for game logic. But not the same as a whole, but GameMaker has more advantages in the Game Maker language, namely using the C language with a lot of flexibility.

Once you’ve finished creating a game, it can be exported to a number of platforms such as Windows, Mac, HTML5, Linux, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and others. But for the free version, we can’t export it on any platform.


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Things You Must Prepare To Become A Online Gambling Game Developer

The world has changed for a long time, and so have games. In the past, we were pleased about playing games in fat. A few years later, we turn to PS or just snake games on old cellphones. Now, games are getting more sophisticated as technology gets cooler.

Games can be played via a computer as well as via a smartphone. When connections in Indonesia became more stable, offline games began to decline and were replaced by online games. The excitement when online games started to appear was, we could duel with other people. So we don’t always play games alone.

Getting here, games are becoming profitable. Games are increasingly tempting with the benefits offered. The gaming market is expanding. From children to adults, all love games.

Game genres and types are also increasingly varied and change dynamically. Several years ago, Clash Of Clan was still the biggest hit. But now there are many games that are played individually or in groups.

In the mind of someone who really likes and plays games, may have dreamed of creating or creating their own games or what is called a game developer.

A game developer is actually a software developer who specializes in making video games. Therefore, most game developer positions are occupied by computer science and informatics engineering graduates.

However, not only mastering programming skills, a game developer is required to have an artistic taste and certainly a love for video games. Making a video game goes through a long process.

If you want to become a game developer, you have to prepare for this:

Online Gambling Programmer

If you have ever made a game from scratch to finish, it will be an irreplaceable plus when you apply for a job as a game programmer.

Master at least one programming language and Game Engine. Do some research on the Game Studio you want to get into and study the Game Engine they use.

For example, if you only master a web-based programming language (HTML5), it’s not wise if you apply to a game company that uses the Unity Game Engine as the main engine. HTML5 also used for many online gambling games as well, many big developers such as Maxbet, Sbobet, Joker Gaming, Pragmatic Play, and many more, used this basic programming language for their future products. As we can see, online gambling is making a huge leap in recent years.

Game Designer

A game designer needs to have good communication skills. Communication skills are used to convey game ideas in his head to the production team, and also a game designer must be able to understand what the production team is saying so that there are no misunderstandings.

As a game developer, you will design, create, and bring to life a new virtual world full of strategy, intrigue, and visual animation.

Therefore, you must have high creativity to be able to design a video game that is unique, visually attractive, and intrigues game lovers to be more curious about playing it.

A game developer must be able to build story plots that challenge gamers, encouraging them to purchase new games that are released for public distribution.

Apart from stories, the characters or characters are also an important attraction for a video game. The attractive main character is usually the center of the story of a game.

Interesting characters that are related to the gamers personal will attract them to continue to play the game and complete all challenges.

Apart from creativity in designing stories and characters, a video game developer must pay close attention to design details.

The design of a video game has many components that must be considered, such as color, texture, clothing, and environmental background.

Artist (2D Artist D Artist, Sound Artist)

If you are an artist, a portfolio is the most important thing when you apply for a job in a game studio. Do a lot of work by drawing, then add your work to your portfolio.

Likewise, the 3D Artist creates various kinds of 3D models. For Sound Artist, make a lot of musical arrangements. One thing to remember. Quality over quantity. Rather than filling your portfolio with less than good work, you should choose the Top 10 of your best work to be included in your portfolio.

Quality Assuranc

To become quality assurance, what is most needed is work experience. You can start with a practical work/internship in a game studio. Many game studios accept part-timers for quality assurance.

The most important thing in applying for quality assurance is that you can explain what methods and disciplines you use in-game testing so that later in the game, there are no bugs/errors.

Love to play games

Taking up a paid hobby is a dream job for many people. Video game development companies are already implementing this. In the recruitment process, they are not only looking for game developers who are qualified in skill but also video game maniacs.

Working as a game developer is not a job that can suit everyone. This job has high deadline pressure, demands continual perfection and improvement. If playing games is your hobby, you will enjoy every activity, task, and even pressure you face on a daily basis as a game developer.

In addition, a game developer who really likes playing games will find it easier to understand the tastes of gamers, both in terms of the story plot, characters, how to play, and audio and visual design.

Those are the things you have to prepare to become a game developer. Working in the world of video games does provide an interesting experience for you. But before you work, make sure you master the required competency qualifications.

Study diligently and keep practicing in order to master technical skills such as programming. In addition, improve your soft skills to support the hard skills you have learned in college. And most importantly, don’t forget to keep playing video games!

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