21 Tips to Become More Creative Every Day

Creativity is a characteristic that we possess all, to values more or less high. And as with everything, the more you stimulate it, the more it evolves.

Be and to become creative is not a question of the genome. In effect, we can consider creativity like a sense in it even though we must stimulate on a daily basis to be as effective as possible. The profession of advertising, more than in others fields, requires being creative day after day. Creativity is needed if you want to play online gambling, such as at thepandorasociety.com, the sites that are really good at informing you about RTP Live. Here are 21 tips to follow daily to become more creative.

  1. Find 10 ideas a day

Same if this figure is variable according to the desires, it does not is not less than to become more and more creative, it is necessary to find ideas. And I don’t necessarily speak of ideas for advertisers. In effect, we can find ideas, stories, music, architecture, food, our society, in short, of everything around us. The goal is to find ideas every day, without necessarily realizing them.

  1. Ask the right questions

Reflection is inseparable from creativity. For example, when you have an idea, you have to know how to ask yourself the right questions about its achievement and its condition. But you shouldn’t ask questions just about ideas. In effect, nothing better stimulates creativity than asking questions about the world around us. The best, of course, is then to try to go seek answers.

  1. Play devil’s advocate

Playing devil’s advocate is essential. That will allow them to sharpen critical sense and develop the “why I don’t like” or on the contrary the “why I like that”. Playing devil’s advocate allows also to go look for the small animal on an idea which will then allow it to give it a more interesting form to a project, for example.

  1. Read books

Reading is a source not to be neglected to stimulate creativity. Whether reading about personal development or science fiction, reading is an essential action. That allows you to immerse yourself in the creativity of others while improving your own (as well as your level spelling, but it is a different story).

  1. Watch educational video rather than television

In effect, watching educational videos rather than television is an interesting point. For example, when you have time, rather than slumping on the sofa, take your computer and go to YouTube. Personally, I like to watch videos on the explanation of space and black holes, on the history of our civilization or even on the life of dinosaurs. It’s more rewarding and stimulating than a typical television program, of which you will have forgotten the content within the hour.

  1. Read the news

Same if sometimes that perhaps a source of waste of time, taking an interest in the news of the world around us is essential. A good advertiser is interested in new trends and draws its strength in the news.

  1. Share what you learn with others

Sharing is a point not to be overlooked. Same if that may appear obvious, sharing what we learn with those around you is quite stimulating, whether either for others or for you. Your contacts will be able to bounce off what you have learned and you learn even more things.

  1. Apply what you have learned

Because yes, if you learn, through a video on YouTube for example, to repair a piece of furniture or to prepare a chili con carne in less than 10 minutes it would be a shame not to take advantage of it. Put into practice what you learn.

  1. Make a to do list

There are smartphone apps that are perfect for making this kind of list. Fix your things to do with different deadlines:

-To do in the week

-To do in the month

-To do in the year

-To do in life

  1. Make a DON’T list

Too often we think of making a to-do list, but little often about things not to do. Like point 9, fix your things not to do. You save time and therefore creativity.

  1. Write what we learn

Writing is, like reading, a point that stimulates creativity. For this, you can write what you learn. You can also create a blog or write articles is a very good initiative.

  1. Take classes in line

Do you still dream of learning to code, to cook, or to speak Mandarin? Why not take lessons in line? You come on power and learn quickly new things without spending money astronomically while saving time.

  1. Talk to interesting people

Surroundings are an excellent stimulator of creativity. try to surround yourself with interesting people, to have lunch, to go out with interesting people, you learn a lot of things and become, in turn, an interesting one.

  1. Subscribe to RSS feeds

As we said in our article on how to keep a good watch advertising, do not hesitate to subscribe to RSS feeds that interest you. You will thus be Thus kept up to date with all the news in the areas that interest you, and as we said above, the news is a significant weapon to stimulate creativity.

  1. Play creative and ‘smart’ games

Forget Candy Crush and other Clash Of Clan on your smartphone. Already you stop getting drunk, your friends asking them for their lives, and you have more time to play ‘smart’ games like Duel Quiz or Draw Something. Puzzle games are also very good games. The Peak (Brain Training) app is also a good app that I use from time to time.

  1. Use a “Word Of The Day” app

This type of application offers a word, a work of art or something to do, and directly in your smartphone. Nothing better to discover new things. For example, I use Dojo which allows you to discover new places to have a drink.

  1. Get out of your comfort zone

Getting out of your comfort zone, isn’t that the best source of creativity? In effect, if you wish to stimulate your creativity, do not hesitate to step out of your comfort zone on a daily basis. Do things that you’re not used to, like listen to different music, watch an emission or read a magazine you don’t know, etc.

  1. Explore new horizons

This point connects to the previous one. Multiplying trips allows you to open up the spirit and to increase thinking ability. On a smaller scale, do not hesitate to go to parties where you’re not used to to go to bars you don’t frequent, etc. In short, push the doors!

  1. Make time to be bored

Because it is boring to be creative! When you are bored, on Sunday for example, do not do not slouch in front of the television. Take time to be bored. You will push the limits of your creativity and find things to do that you wouldn’t have imagined TO DO : draw, do an exhibition, write, read, play sports, think about ideas, carry out projects, etc. Personally, it’s when I’m bored I become more productive.

  1. Adopt a hobby to practice daily

If you love to draw, do it. If you like to read, do it. If you love to write, do it. This is in practicing what kind of daily exercise you will become best in this hobby, and therefore better creatively speaking.

  1. Exercise and eat healthy

A small bonus point but which is not to be ignored: exercise and eat healthy to stay in form. In effect, if you are tired or that you miss energy, it will be felt when you will have to brainstorm, come up with ideas, etc. Do not hesitate to take the time to sleep well, because even if you think it will be a waste of time given the mountain of work to be done, it will only be beneficial and you will feel it.

The final word

If you also have your little habits to stimulate your creativity, do not hesitate to share them in the comments!

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