9 Steps You Must Know To Become A Professional Programmer

In the previous article, we discussed what programmers are. Already read? If not, please visit what link is the programmer? This time we will discuss the sequel, “How to become a professional programmer? “

Let’s get to the point. There are several ways that we can do to become a reliable programmer and even professional. Here are 9 ways to become a professional and dependable programmer:

Understand all Types of Designations Found in The Programming World

The next step after you intend to enter the world of programming is to learn programming terms.

Some programming terms that are often used are:

  • Variable,
  • Data type,
  • Debugging,
  • Maintenance,
  • Flowcharts and Algorithms,
  • User Interface,
  • User Experience and many others.

Make a Determination to Become a Programmer

I think if you want to start something, a determination is the first. Ask yourself again whether you will seriously want to wrestle the world of programming or go along with the flow (trends) at this time.

Moreover, in the past five years, this profession is a very lucrative salary. So many people want to switch professions to become programmers. But when he began to learn to pursue the world of programming, it was not as easy as imagined.

Once again, try asking ourselves whether you want to be a programmer and are ready to accept all the risks that will be experienced when becoming a programmer later.

Choose One of the Programming Languages

Programming terms will usually be easy to understand when we have started to learn to write basic program codes. Before beginning to rewrite the program code, we must first choose what programming language to use.

Of the many programming languages, just choose one. If one programming language is mastered, then learn another language. The choice of programming language can be adjusted to the focus you want to take.

For example, if you want to be a programmer who develops web applications only, the programming language chosen is PHP.

But if you want to be a programmer who focuses on developing Android applications, then we can choose the Java programming language after Java is new to Kotlin.

Coding Time

If you have chosen a programming language and want to focus on being a web, mobile, or desktop programmer, the next step is to learn the programming language from the basics.

There are several learning methods that you can apply:

  • Self-taught (self-study) through printed books, ebooks (digital books), video tutorials, and online courses from certain sites,
  • Take an offline course,
  • Following Bootcamp.

Of course, the learning methods above have their advantages and disadvantages. Stay adjusted to which one suits us.

Creating a Simple Application Program

The basics of programming that have been learned and even mastered don’t mean anything if we don’t practice it by making simple programs.

When learning android programming using Android Studio, we can make a number of simple applications, including:

  • Creating a calculator application,
  • Creating temperature conversion applications,
  • Make money conversion applications,
  • Creating wallpaper applications,
  • Make a food ordering application and other simple applications.

This was done so that we are familiar with and understand the flow of making applications. So when you want to make a large application (complex), it’s no longer a headache.

Join Forums or Programming Groups

Any study will not be straight, yes, of course. Likewise, when learning to program, the codes that we write to develop applications can be very many hundreds, thousands, even millions of codes depending on how many features and complexity of an application.

Now, when experiencing problems (errors) and have been stuck can not fix it yourself, the solution is to read the documentation from the official website. I often read StackOverflow (question and answer site for programming problems).

In addition to questions and answers on the Stackoverflow site, we can also ask questions and answers on programming groups on Facebook, Whatsapp, and Telegram. So I recommend joining the programming language groups we are studying.

For example, I joined the Facebook group PHP Indonesia, Javascript Indonesia, and Code Android Indonesia. Be sure to join an active group.

Create an Attractive Portfolio

After we make the application of our work, don’t forget to document and share the results with others. That way, we will get feedback from people who test the application programs that we have shared.

The way to document it is by creating an online portfolio. Online portfolios can be made free or paid. If you want to be free, you can create a portfolio website using wordpress.com or blogger.com. Or you can also upload your work to the Github site.

If you have the cost to buy your domain and hosting, then my advice is better to make a website/blog with a paid domain. This badoystudio.com example was originally made only for portfolios.

The more interesting works that we have and are displayed in portfolios, the better the judgment of others on the programming skills we already have. The point of this portfolio can be called by building your own branding.

Search for Projects Via Online Sites

After having enough skills, don’t leave them alone. Search for projects from online sites such as sribulancer.com, projec.co.Id, Upwork, or others. By working on projects or developing an application, the skills, knowledge, and experience of programming will be honed and increased.

In the Facebook group, too many often share programming jobs or application development projects. If you are used to working on projects/application development, and the client is very satisfied with the results provided, it will be an added value to work on other projects.

Learning Without Stop

Finally, never stop learning. Never be satisfied with the programming capabilities that we have now. The world of programming or IT is very dynamic. Always update information about programming. And always learn new things that we do not know in the world of programming.

That’s the way to become a programmer that you can apply to become a great programmer. Hopefully, it is useful and doesn’t forget to press the share button so that other friends also benefit from this article.

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