What is a Programmer? This is a Complete Review of Tasks and Salaries

Currently, our daily life can not be separated from the name of the application, whether it’s a mobile, desktop, or web-based application. Do you know who made these applications? The programmer, he was the one who created the application. Without the length of this article, we will review what a programmer is?

A programmer is someone who has the ability or skill to write and design code (computer syntax) programs using computer programming languages ​​(java, PHP, javascript, etc.).

All applications or OS (operating systems) that we use every day, whether mobile applications (Android / iOS), websites, and desktops are made using a specific programming language.
For an overview of programming and programming languages ​​have been discussed in the article.

Programmer’s Duties

Then what is the duty of a programmer? From the above understanding, we can conclude if the programmer’s job is to develop or create applications that include:

  • Define needs
  • Design a flowchart
  • Writing program code
  • Debugging
  • Test the program

For example, we will make an online exam application program; then the description will be as follows:

  • Define needs: Which applications will be created later on what platform to run? For example, the app that we created will be used on a web platform. Then more afterward, the program will run on computers with OS: which version of Windows, Linux, Mac OS, and others with a specific browser. Besides, we also need a laptop and other tools to make the program.
  • Debugging: Debug is the process of finding errors from programs that have already been written.
  • Writing program code: A flow has been formed. It’s time to change the diagram into a program using a specific programming language (program codes).
  • Testing the program: Next, we will test the finished application to the user. Usually before released to the public. The program was released in beta.
  • Designing a flowchart: After the program needs are met. We make the program flow. Most programmers make a flowchart before creating an application program. For examples of making flowcharts can be studied in the article: 21 cases of algorithms and flowcharts.

A Programmer’s Salary

Currently, there are quite a lot of opportunities for the programmer profession. Not without reason, it happens because the salary of a programmer at this time is very promising. But back again to the capabilities possessed by a programmer.

Junior programmers (beginners) who work in startup companies or upper-middle can get an average salary of 4-8 million, while senior programmers with sufficient skills and experience can pocket a salary of 8-20 million.

Is a Programmer’s Job boring?

Many people say that being a programmer will be boring. Of course, everyone has their own perceptions. Every job is the same. Sometimes it makes you happy and sometimes it’s boring. But if we work according to the passion of the programmer, then we will enjoy it.

Then what if I have no passion in the programming world but want to become a programmer?

It’s easy to enjoy and be grateful for the work. Hehe and certainly don’t stop learning because the IT world, especially programming, is always updated.

So there are many reasons someone becomes a programmer. It’s because of:

  • Passion,
  • Needs,
  • Good job opportunities,
  • High salary,
  • It works remotely,
  • and many others.

Who are the successful programmers?

It is incomplete to discuss what programmers are without mentioning some successful programmers. Programmers who have achieved great success include:

  • Bill Gates: His perseverance in the world of programming led to Microsoft, a company that houses the Windows operating system and Microsoft Office.
  • Mark Zuckerburg: With his programming skills, he made a facemask that has now turned into the largest amount of social media on earth. Especially if it’s not Facebook.
  • Evan Spiegel: Creator of the Snapchat application. Snapchat itself is a company with millions of dollars in value, which is quite fantastic.
  • Jack Dorsey: Have you ever used Twitter? Jack Dorsey is the founder of Twitter. Now his fortune is almost 27 trillion.
  • Jan Koum: He is the creator of WhatsApp, an application that is almost 24 hours online, and we use it to exchange text, voice, emoji, image, and even telephone and video calls. Facebook acquired Whatsapp itself with a value of $ 19 billion in 2014.
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