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Java programming language is one example of programming languages ​​that can run on various computers (PCs/laptops), including mobile phones/smartphones.

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The Difference Between Game Developer, Programmer, and Computer Scientist

difference between programmer, game developer, and computer scientist

Our modern world today demands anyone to become computer literate, or simply “not technologically illiterate”. Indeed, computers are the main means of working, studying, and also doing business. Everyone must have a desktop computer or laptop, whether for college or school matters or a means of working. They can use a computer or laptop to send e-mails, write reports, edit pictures or compile presentations, and — of course — access the internet, which is now easier and cheaper.

Just being able to operate standard applications on a laptop or computer can be done by anyone. Even Kindergarten-age children can easily find the app they want. They can even write keywords in search engines. However, the function of computers is more than those mentioned above. For some professions, such as game developers, programmers, and computer scientists, computers are their “life”. Their work is closely related to this one device. In fact, this profession plays an important role for many companies in various fields, both small and large scale.

When you read the three professions above, maybe you have wanted to aspire to become one of these professions. However, you are still confused, which field you can master easily. Basically, the desire to learn can break all kinds of barriers to understanding many things. If you want to know each of these professions’ job descriptions, let’s continue reading this article.

Game Developer; How Complicated They Work?

Game Developer Working

A game developer actually has a specific job as a video game creator. They create software for a variety of games, which can be accessed via video games such as Play Station, Nintendo, PC, or Android and iOS-based applications. A game creator must definitely learn the important concepts of making a game application, as well as provide detailed code and coding and programming programs. The work area of ​​a game developer includes creating the right audio, the graphic design of the game, the production of the application, and the visual arts.

The main task of a game or game creator is to put together the components involved in creating and developing a game’s features. Designers, producers, and graphic designers contribute with the game creator to finalizing the final product. However, programmers and software designers turn those ideas into code, which ultimately leaves the game with details on how to play. The game and software creator creates the basic features of a video game, namely:

  • Creating characters, as well as a storyline
  • Design and game mechanics
  • Documenting the game design process

One of the game developer’s job results is to create an online gambling game website that is currently popular all over the world. For example like is a website that is done directly by them by inputting various online gambling games such as online poker, online live casino, and online slots whose gameplay is like playing real games but at the same time getting real money.

There are currently many High Schools that open classes to study as game developers, where they can immediately apply their knowledge, even though they are still in school or have graduated. They can also continue to a higher level to continue to optimize the basic capabilities that must be updated by the latest technology.

Programmers; The Versatile

Programmer Working

As the word goes, a programmer is certainly someone who creates computer programs. It’s easy to analyze. In detail, a programmer’s job is to analyze computer systems and programs by designing and developing software on a computer system, where each computer has a different operating system. Programmers implement designs by compiling computer code and updating and improving existing programs. This means programmers must be able to master various kinds of computer systems, according to the company where they work. Maybe he works for a financial company, engineering, or other fields.

Furthermore, the programmer must also be able to compile the budget analysis needed to determine how much the company requires the original program costs. After everything is done and all the programs are installed, the programmer just needs to change the existing code, according to the existence of the company-owned computer equipment. Programmers are required to test every software they use, in order to minimize problems that often occur so that the server computer does not have the name “hang” or “crash, either because of” overload “or because of” virus “.

Computer Scientist; The Researcher

Computer Scientist Working

Anyone knows that a computer scientist is definitely a computer expert with various specialties. He must be able to develop or invent computer-based technologies and systems. Undoubtedly, he must have high mathematical skills and be able to solve problems with a detail-oriented orientation.

We often see someone with expertise in many Hollywood films. Surely we are amazed by their analysis results, which they found from the program they designed themselves. Not only that, the results of the brand analysis are also very accurate. This also happens in the real world, where a computer scientist is always reliable. They are no longer computer technicians fixing “chaotic” systems but can also develop new programs to support the companies that hire them.

Computer scientists are needed in all fields of work, be it in state-owned companies or state-owned companies, private companies engaged in any business, such as technology, automotive, food or beverage production, and electronics, even in educational institutions. Before creating a new program, they must experiment by looking for a sample or model.

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Want to Become a Programmer? Master These 6 Skills

programmer skills

One of the professions that are definitely needed today is a programmer. When more and more things are operated using technology and computer equipment, the company’s need to continue absorbing programmers is even wider. A programmer’s skills are needed to solve many problems.

programmer skills

The opportunities and potentials of a programmer are wide open. Moreover, the startup industry and the growth of companies that provide digital solutions are increasingly growing in Indonesia. However, joining companies and startups certainly cannot be empty-handed. A programmer needs to have in-depth provisions about the profession that will be carried out.

Some things that will be related to programming, for example, such as writing program code, debugging, testing programs, and of course making flowcharts, and problem solving

Just like any other profession, a programmer also has skills and knowledge that must be mastered. Compared to others, programmers are not even only struggling with coding knowledge, apart from that, there is a lot of knowledge that is also needed by a programmer to support his work.

Are you interested in becoming a programmer? We recommend that you prepare yourself by adding and deepening the 6 skills that a programmer must master.

  • Algorithm

A programmer without the basics of algorithms would be impossible. Without algorithms, programmers cannot do their jobs and jobs properly. Algorithms and data structures are the main and very basic things in programming. Algorithm basics are closely related to the logic that will be used during the execution of a program.

At least a programmer must master basic algorithmic structures such as variables, data types, functions, constants, IF logic, and other things that will be closely related to programming languages. Complex data structures can also be indispensable for solving certain problems.

  • Object Oriented Programming (OOP)

If you are an Information Systems student or someone who is currently exploring the world of Information Technology (IT), you must be very familiar with OOP. In the world of programming, exploring and knowing quite a lot about Object Oriented Programming (OOP) is something that should not be forgotten.

Techniques or paradigms in programming that are based on an object. When building a system, it seems important to think about multiple points of view. By understanding this technique, in the future you will be able to easily carry out maintenance and development.

  • English

English has often been studied since school, but why does a programmer still need to make English a skill? The answer is very simple, because there is a lot of code and a lot of programs and documentation are written in English. Even though it sounds trivial, English actually has very many roles for programmers.

Not only that, English is also important for communicating with fellow programmers in other parts of the world to solve a problem in a particular forum. The existence of an international forum for programmers is nothing new, to be active in the forum, the language used to communicate is of course English.

programmer skills

  • Source code

One of the basic components for programming a computer is source code. A programmer will usually use a text editor, visual programming tools, or other management system that is used for various source code files. Understanding a source code can greatly make it easier for programmers to create similar programs that will be applied to other platforms.

Even though it’s a code, the existing code can still be read by humans. So that it becomes something a programmer also needs to master. Writing good source code can be done in several ways, for example making it very simple, consistent in every code, to making notes for certain functions.

  • Database design

Mastering databases is of course very important. However, database design also needs to be mastered. The process of generating detailed data models from a database is something that really needs to be deepened. A programmer must master database design in order to avoid data redundancy.

There are at least 6 database design processes that need to be carried out. Starting from requirements analysis, conceptual database, logical database design, schema repair, physical database design, and security application design.

  • Mastering a certain programming language

As we know, there are many programming languages that exist and are used in every program that is created. Some of the most commonly used programming languages include PHP, JavaScript, C ++, and so on. Every programming language that exists certainly has a different level of difficulty.

Even though there are many ways that make it easier for a programmer so that you don’t have to bother using a programming language, as a programmer, it is important to understand and deepen a programming language that can be your main skill. By exploring the programming language, you can be much better at it and become a selling point and skill that you can master.

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5 Mind-Blowing Hacker Films that Programmers Must Watch!

Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Film

For years, hacker films have roamed the realm of Hollywood cinema. Technology-themed films are indeed an attraction in themselves, especially when combined with thrilling actions.

Well, from the various hacker films that exist, some have storylines that are mind-blowing and might pump your enthusiasm to become a hacker.

Here are 5 Mind-Blowing Hacker Films that Programmers Must Watch

The films below are a must for programmers to watch. Who knows, by watching the film below, you will become more proficient at decoding. Want to know what kind of film it is? Here is a list of mind-blowing hacker movies.

1. 23 (1998)

The first mind-blowing hacker film was 23, which was released in 1998. This film is the true story of a young hacker named Karl Korch who died mysteriously but was considered to have committed suicide in 1989.

This hacker film from Germany tells the story of Karl, who was 19 years old when the world was involved in a cold war. Together with his friend, Karl discovered a political and economic background in the world that made him believe in conspiracy theories.

Can Karl and his friends crack it all?

2. Live Free or Die Hard (2007)

Live Free or Die Hard Film

Die Hard action film does have several series. The film starred by Bruce Willis has a sequel with a hacker theme, you know. In the fourth series, entitled Live Free or Die Hard, there are hackers’ elements in this film.

This film tells the story of Thomas Gabriel (Tomothy Olyphant), who feels abandoned while serving at the NSA because his work is not appreciated. Gabriel then went and recruited professional hackers to cripple the entire computer network in the United States.

Unfortunately, Mat Farrel (Justin Long) defected and turned to support John McClane (Bruce Wilis) and the FBI in arresting Gabriel.

3. The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo (2011)

If you are looking for a list of other hacker films, The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo is definitely on the best hacker movies list. The film, starring Daniel Craig and Rooney Mara, is indeed quite a time consuming to produce.

The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo tells the story of a Mikael Blomkvist, who is a journalist and is involved in a case of missing children since 40 years ago. Assisted by Lisbeth Salander, a professional female hacker, to open the mysterious veil that covers the case, they also find various irregularities in the case and try to solve them together.

4. Mr. Robot (2015)

Mr. Robot Programmer Film

It looks like Rami Malek always gives good acting. Before Rami Malek played Eddie Mercury, Malek had also played a role as a hacker in Mr. Robot.

This hacker film tells the story of Elliot Alderson (Rami Malek), who works as a technician at a cybersecurity company called Allsafe. At night, Elliot works as a hacker to combat cybercrime.

One day, Elliot’s abilities attract a person who calls himself Mr. Robot. The mysterious man invites Elliot to join him and destroys the company where Elliot works.

Will Elliot do it? This hacker film is really mind-blowing because the explanation is very clear and very exciting.

5. Who Am I (2014)

Who Am I: No System Is Safe is a hacker film that you must watch. Starring Tom Schilling, Elyas M’Barek, and Wotan Wilke, this film tells the story of the most wanted hacker organization in the world for its members’ expertise.

Benjamin (Tom Schilling) is just a teenager who is often ostracized and bullied by his school friends. Benjamin’s life then changes when he meets Max (Elyas M’Braek) and Stephan (Wotan Wilke).

They invite Benjamin to join them and become a member of a hacker organization called CLAY. CLAY has become Europe Interpol’s most secretive and most wanted hacker group. Together, they tried to find a figure named Mr. X.

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5 Reasons Why Programmers Should Start Playing Games

A programmer is required to have some ability to work. To do programming-related tasks, we must have the ability to solve problems, especially in making and correcting various syntax errors in the programming that has been made.
Some reasons why programmers should play games, including online casino game just like in as the best online casino site! There you can sharpen your problem-solver skill to become the master of gambling in every country!

Growing New Ideas

Friends must have known the difficulty of playing high-level games, where a game makes gamers have to think deeper to conquer the game. Players who often play the game usually know the simple strategy to be able to conquer the level of high difficulty.

The habit of strategizing when playing a game can foster ideas that are unexpected when trying to solve a problem when coding.

Improve Multitasking Skills

Most video games will force friends to do multitasking. Friends will be asked to pay attention to different aspects of the game at certain times. For example, if the game involves fighting, the player must continue to monitor and simultaneously attack the enemy. Without excellent multitasking skills, a person will most likely be easy to lose.

Programmers will also demand good multitasking skills to create solutions to real-world problems. The programmer must be responsive to whatever happens and must.

Improve Memory

You may not know much about what are the benefits when someone plays a game? There are many benefits to playing games that we can get. For example, to increase memory, hone logic by helping someone solve a puzzle that is in the game.

Video games are one of the media for learning, how someone can solve tricks in the game. Friends also need to remember the instructions when starting to play, because, in the beginning, there will usually be a guide related to the next level.

Then what to do with the programmer? Of course, there is. By playing games, you can practice logic to think sequentially and train your memory. With so many puzzles available, we can practice, which must be solved to start making a program.

Foster and Help Form Social Skills

Certain games use multiple features, and the players need a team effort to win the game. This feature allows different players to fight each other simultaneously.

After spending a few hours in front of a friend’s computer, friends will improve their social skills with our interactive nature. We can also create new social groups with people who understand technology, which we can ask about programming languages, whenever we need help.

Improve Problem Solving Skills

As a programmer, it is demanded to develop their skills over time. Every video game has rules that guide the player to decide what steps to follow next. The decision-making process also involves thinking about different angles, including perception, memory, and reaction time.

We can apply skills to this programming, where we are asked to develop software solutions that will solve real-world problems, such as in video games. We cannot move to the next step if the solution we make does not solve the problem at the current level.

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4 Programming Languages for Creating Android, IOS and Desktop Games

Are you a hobby in developing or making games based on Android, IOS, or Desktop? Are you also looking for references to learn to make these games? The answer is only one word, “YES,” you can learn on the site to learn to make Android games, IOS, Web Games, Flash Games, and Desktop games until you know! By subscribing with us via email for free, you will get the latest tutorials and tips in learning to make games that will be updated every day. The making of the game that we specialize in is creating Android-based games using the Unity3D Engine with the C # (C Sharp) programming language.

As per the title of the post about programming languages ​​that are suitable for game developers, we will briefly explain what types of programming languages ​​might be ideal for you there. The following is a list of program languages ​​and examples of games produced from various programming languages.

C ++ Programming Language

The C ++ programming language is a high-level programming language, which Desktop game developers very much use this C ++ programming language to build and develop Desktop-based game applications. The C ++ programming language is a development of the C language with developments that add some new concepts such as a class with properties such as inheritance and overloading.

You can try to learn and make your favorite game using the C ++ programming language. Examples of popular games developed using C ++ programming languages ​​such as Crysis 2 and Crayon Physics Deluxe.

C # (C Sharp) Programming Language

For your Desktop application developers may already be familiar with the C # programming language, many C # languages ​​adopt the syntax from C ++ is new programming created by Microsoft. C # programming language can be used to build various types of applications, such as Windows-based applications (desktop) or web-based applications, and even programming languages ​​can also make applications based on web services.

In addition to some of the advantages of C # above, by using the famous game maker Unity3D Engine application, we can use the C # programming language as a programming language to make Android, IOS, and Desktop games. Some popular games that were built from unity3D using C # programming have been discussed on the website such as the LiloCity game from Agate Studio.

Actionscript 3.0

As we know, ActionScript 3.0 is an object-oriented programming language, as well as programming languages ​​specifically for other games. The aim of developing the ActionScript 3.0 programming language is to create the ideal programming language in the process of building Internet applications quickly.

The Actionscript 3.0 programming language is commonly used by web game application developers who use the Flash Game format. Some examples of game applications created using the Actionscript 3.0 programming language such as Game Shopping Paradise are on the web and many other web games that are built using Actionscript 3.0 programming.

Objective-C Programming Language

Objective-C is also a programming language that you can use in developing game applications that use Mac OS.

From the explanations and examples of programming languages ​​and game applications made from several programming languages, we can conclude that in making games both based on Android, IOS and Desktop games are not covered in one programming language. You can learn to make your favorite game by trying the list of program languages ​​above, and master one program language first so that it’s easier if you want to migrate using another programming language.

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6 Free Websites to Make Android Applications Online

On the subject of how to create an android application for beginners, it has already been alluded to if creating an android application can be offline and also online. Then how do you make an online android application?

To make an android application online even without having to master a particular programming language (coding), we can use the 6 sites below.

Let us discuss one by one 8 sites that can be used to create online android applications.


Quoted from the official site AppMakr, a website that can be used to create android and iPhone applications by yourself without having to do coding. You can even make detail application with registration and some loyalty program. One of the success online gambling application using this platform is ASLA made by SBOBET which provides easy and simple access to your gambling needs. Some of the advantages of the AppMakr site are:

  • Very easy to use: creating apps from scratch usually takes a lot of time. AppMakr has taken care of the complicated part to provide a solution where creating an android or iPhone application no longer has to use coding,
  • Affordable: here, we can make as many applications as possible. But if you want to use the full features, we can use the paid version at an affordable price,
  • Cross-platform: we can create applications for Android and iPhone at the same time.

MIT App Inventor

MIT App Inventor is a platform that can be used to create android applications visually. Everyone and even children are expected to be able to build powerful applications for smartphones and tablets using MIT App Inventor.

MIT App Inventor claims people who are new to the MIT App Inventor can create simple applications and run in less than 30 minutes. Google first developed this platform. But now it has been run by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).


How to make a third online android application using Andromo. With Andromo, we can create android applications quickly and in 3 simple steps:

  • First, create an Andromo account. Here we don’t need programming skills. But we need an idea of ​​what android application we want to make
  • Next, add the desired features and styles. The features available include: adding content, video, audio, maps, and more.
  • After adding and clicking the finish button, the Andromo server will process our input into a good Android application, and the application is ready to be uploaded to Google Playstore.

Shephertz Appclay

By using AppClay Shephertz, we can create android applications with various categories, including Sports, Education, Events, Business, and Travelogue. In addition to the android application here, we can also create apps for Blackberry and HTML5.

Some of the features found in Appclay Shephertz are:

  • Shopping cart,
  • RSS Feed,
  • Push Notification,
  • Upload Audio / Video,
  • Social Connect,
  • Analysis & SEO.


The last way to make an online application is to use AppGesyer. According to the official website, by using AppGesyer, we can make applications online, fast, simple without having to use a programming language and incur costs.

Also, we can download, distribute, and monetize android applications that have been made in AppGesyer. Some of the benefits that we can get when creating an android application with AppGesyer are:

  • Create an android application in just 30 seconds,
  • Create an application within 2 minutes,
  • There are 70 more templates and others.

Appy Pie

How to make a sixth online android application using Appy Pie. According to Wikipedia, Appy Pie is a site that allows us to create an even monetize Android, iOS, and Windows Phone applications.

Quoted from the official website, there are several advantages that we can get when creating applications with Appy Pie, including:

  • Android or iOS application made here will feel like a native application,
  • Can monetize (make money) from applications that have been made
  • There is an analytic feature for applications that have been published in Playstore,
  • Making applications without having to have programming skills can with App Pie,
  • Complete features such as GPS, Notifications, and others.

That’s 6 sites that we can use to make android applications online. But if you want to create your own android application freely, it’s better to use Android Studio.

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5 of The Best Websites to Learn The Python Programming Language

The Python programming language is a popular one used by web development, web applications, office applications, simulations, and much more. This is because Python is dynamic and easy to understand the programming language.

To learn the Python programming language, in this millennial era, you don’t need to come to school or university. There are tons of online programs to learn Python programming. All you need is a computer and an internet connection.

Interestingly, these various free course sites offer interactive learning methods that are easy to understand. Here is the best website for learning Python programming: is the official reference point for everything related to Python programming. To help Python, it will always need a reference to confirm something or get clarification about challenges while studying. This site contains official Python programming documentation. We can use documentation to obtain information related to Python.

In addition to containing documentation, also includes several tutorials on the basics of Python and covers several advanced topics, such as libraries and Python modules.

Code Academy

Code Academy is a learning site that offers tutorials on several programming languages, one of which is Python programming. This site is recommended for beginners and intermediate programmers. Learning material available is very easy for you to understand without difficulty. This site allows participants to change and activate their code directly on their website.

LearnPython.Org is a site where we not only learn how to make code but also write and practice code in our web browser. This site provides a basic python tutorial, which aims to make beginners correctly follow the tutorial. Learn python also includes a programming exercise at the end of each lesson.

That’s some information about sites that readers and developers can try to use for learning courses in the Python programming language. The above sites will equip you with the knowledge and skills needed for Python programming.

Google Python Class

Among other online tutorials, this Python course from Google is rated the best for learning the Python language. This website is most suitable for middle and experienced students. All Python concepts are well written and demonstrated. The tutorial also uses practical examples that can help you to have a deeper understanding of the Python language.

Content on this website is available in various formats, including eBooks and video tutorials. This gives us the freedom to choose which format you want. There are also exercises at the end of each topic or concept.

Tutorials Point

Point Tutorials is a popular site that provides tutorials for various programming languages, including Python. This site contains tutorials for the basics and advanced levels of Python.

This site teaches us how to create web applications, make games and even manipulate basic data using Python.

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What is a Programmer? This is a Complete Review of Tasks and Salaries

Currently, our daily life can not be separated from the name of the application, whether it’s a mobile, desktop, or web-based application. Do you know who made these applications? The programmer, he was the one who created the application. Without the length of this article, we will review what a programmer is?

A programmer is someone who has the ability or skill to write and design code (computer syntax) programs using computer programming languages ​​(java, PHP, javascript, etc.).

All applications or OS (operating systems) that we use every day, whether mobile applications (Android / iOS), websites, and desktops are made using a specific programming language.
For an overview of programming and programming languages ​​have been discussed in the article.

Programmer’s Duties

Then what is the duty of a programmer? From the above understanding, we can conclude if the programmer’s job is to develop or create applications that include:

  • Define needs
  • Design a flowchart
  • Writing program code
  • Debugging
  • Test the program

For example, we will make an online exam application program; then the description will be as follows:

  • Define needs: Which applications will be created later on what platform to run? For example, the app that we created will be used on a web platform. Then more afterward, the program will run on computers with OS: which version of Windows, Linux, Mac OS, and others with a specific browser. Besides, we also need a laptop and other tools to make the program.
  • Debugging: Debug is the process of finding errors from programs that have already been written.
  • Writing program code: A flow has been formed. It’s time to change the diagram into a program using a specific programming language (program codes).
  • Testing the program: Next, we will test the finished application to the user. Usually before released to the public. The program was released in beta.
  • Designing a flowchart: After the program needs are met. We make the program flow. Most programmers make a flowchart before creating an application program. For examples of making flowcharts can be studied in the article: 21 cases of algorithms and flowcharts.

A Programmer’s Salary

Currently, there are quite a lot of opportunities for the programmer profession. Not without reason, it happens because the salary of a programmer at this time is very promising. But back again to the capabilities possessed by a programmer.

Junior programmers (beginners) who work in startup companies or upper-middle can get an average salary of 4-8 million, while senior programmers with sufficient skills and experience can pocket a salary of 8-20 million.

Is a Programmer’s Job boring?

Many people say that being a programmer will be boring. Of course, everyone has their own perceptions. Every job is the same. Sometimes it makes you happy and sometimes it’s boring. But if we work according to the passion of the programmer, then we will enjoy it.

Then what if I have no passion in the programming world but want to become a programmer?

It’s easy to enjoy and be grateful for the work. Hehe and certainly don’t stop learning because the IT world, especially programming, is always updated.

So there are many reasons someone becomes a programmer. It’s because of:

  • Passion,
  • Needs,
  • Good job opportunities,
  • High salary,
  • It works remotely,
  • and many others.

Who are the successful programmers?

It is incomplete to discuss what programmers are without mentioning some successful programmers. Programmers who have achieved great success include:

  • Bill Gates: His perseverance in the world of programming led to Microsoft, a company that houses the Windows operating system and Microsoft Office.
  • Mark Zuckerburg: With his programming skills, he made a facemask that has now turned into the largest amount of social media on earth. Especially if it’s not Facebook.
  • Evan Spiegel: Creator of the Snapchat application. Snapchat itself is a company with millions of dollars in value, which is quite fantastic.
  • Jack Dorsey: Have you ever used Twitter? Jack Dorsey is the founder of Twitter. Now his fortune is almost 27 trillion.
  • Jan Koum: He is the creator of WhatsApp, an application that is almost 24 hours online, and we use it to exchange text, voice, emoji, image, and even telephone and video calls. Facebook acquired Whatsapp itself with a value of $ 19 billion in 2014.
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9 Steps You Must Know To Become A Professional Programmer

In the previous article, we discussed what programmers are. Already read? If not, please visit what link is the programmer? This time we will discuss the sequel, “How to become a professional programmer? “

Let’s get to the point. There are several ways that we can do to become a reliable programmer and even professional. Here are 9 ways to become a professional and dependable programmer:

Understand all Types of Designations Found in The Programming World

The next step after you intend to enter the world of programming is to learn programming terms.

Some programming terms that are often used are:

  • Variable,
  • Data type,
  • Debugging,
  • Maintenance,
  • Flowcharts and Algorithms,
  • User Interface,
  • User Experience and many others.

Make a Determination to Become a Programmer

I think if you want to start something, a determination is the first. Ask yourself again whether you will seriously want to wrestle the world of programming or go along with the flow (trends) at this time.

Moreover, in the past five years, this profession is a very lucrative salary. So many people want to switch professions to become programmers. But when he began to learn to pursue the world of programming, it was not as easy as imagined.

Once again, try asking ourselves whether you want to be a programmer and are ready to accept all the risks that will be experienced when becoming a programmer later.

Choose One of the Programming Languages

Programming terms will usually be easy to understand when we have started to learn to write basic program codes. Before beginning to rewrite the program code, we must first choose what programming language to use.

Of the many programming languages, just choose one. If one programming language is mastered, then learn another language. The choice of programming language can be adjusted to the focus you want to take.

For example, if you want to be a programmer who develops web applications only, the programming language chosen is PHP.

But if you want to be a programmer who focuses on developing Android applications, then we can choose the Java programming language after Java is new to Kotlin.

Coding Time

If you have chosen a programming language and want to focus on being a web, mobile, or desktop programmer, the next step is to learn the programming language from the basics.

There are several learning methods that you can apply:

  • Self-taught (self-study) through printed books, ebooks (digital books), video tutorials, and online courses from certain sites,
  • Take an offline course,
  • Following Bootcamp.

Of course, the learning methods above have their advantages and disadvantages. Stay adjusted to which one suits us.

Creating a Simple Application Program

The basics of programming that have been learned and even mastered don’t mean anything if we don’t practice it by making simple programs.

When learning android programming using Android Studio, we can make a number of simple applications, including:

  • Creating a calculator application,
  • Creating temperature conversion applications,
  • Make money conversion applications,
  • Creating wallpaper applications,
  • Make a food ordering application and other simple applications.

This was done so that we are familiar with and understand the flow of making applications. So when you want to make a large application (complex), it’s no longer a headache.

Join Forums or Programming Groups

Any study will not be straight, yes, of course. Likewise, when learning to program, the codes that we write to develop applications can be very many hundreds, thousands, even millions of codes depending on how many features and complexity of an application.

Now, when experiencing problems (errors) and have been stuck can not fix it yourself, the solution is to read the documentation from the official website. I often read StackOverflow (question and answer site for programming problems).

In addition to questions and answers on the Stackoverflow site, we can also ask questions and answers on programming groups on Facebook, Whatsapp, and Telegram. So I recommend joining the programming language groups we are studying.

For example, I joined the Facebook group PHP Indonesia, Javascript Indonesia, and Code Android Indonesia. Be sure to join an active group.

Create an Attractive Portfolio

After we make the application of our work, don’t forget to document and share the results with others. That way, we will get feedback from people who test the application programs that we have shared.

The way to document it is by creating an online portfolio. Online portfolios can be made free or paid. If you want to be free, you can create a portfolio website using or Or you can also upload your work to the Github site.

If you have the cost to buy your domain and hosting, then my advice is better to make a website/blog with a paid domain. This example was originally made only for portfolios.

The more interesting works that we have and are displayed in portfolios, the better the judgment of others on the programming skills we already have. The point of this portfolio can be called by building your own branding.

Search for Projects Via Online Sites

After having enough skills, don’t leave them alone. Search for projects from online sites such as,, Upwork, or others. By working on projects or developing an application, the skills, knowledge, and experience of programming will be honed and increased.

In the Facebook group, too many often share programming jobs or application development projects. If you are used to working on projects/application development, and the client is very satisfied with the results provided, it will be an added value to work on other projects.

Learning Without Stop

Finally, never stop learning. Never be satisfied with the programming capabilities that we have now. The world of programming or IT is very dynamic. Always update information about programming. And always learn new things that we do not know in the world of programming.

That’s the way to become a programmer that you can apply to become a great programmer. Hopefully, it is useful and doesn’t forget to press the share button so that other friends also benefit from this article.

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16 Most Popular Programming Languages and Frequently Used by a Programmer

Previously we have learned about basic programming, which includes a brief explanation of the definition and function of programming languages. What are Programming Language examples for? In this article, we will review it. programmer and answer site every year always conducts surveys with respondents from all over the world. The survey is about:

  1. What programming languages ​​are the most widely used,
  2. Developer/programmer education,
  3. Learning methods when learning what kind of coding,
  4. and other surveys.

According to the survey, there are approximately 16 types of programming languages ​​that are most widely used in 2018 of the many programming languages. What are the types of programming languages? Here’s a brief review.


HTML is a markup language used to create a website. HTML functions to display information on the Internet. Whereas CSS is the code that regulates the appearance of HTML.

JavaScript Programming Language

An example of the first programming language is JavaScript.

Reporting from Wikipedia JavaScript is a popular programming language on the internet. JavaScript can work in most popular browsers, namely: Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, and others. JavaScript codes can be inserted inside a web page using script tags.

The age of this programming language is already 20 years. And in that period, JavaScript is now the most popular programming language in the world. Almost all modern websites or blogs nowadays use JavaScript. Because by using Javascript, the website can be interactive and dynamic.

  • JavaScript Developer: Brendan Eich

Java Programming Language

Java programming language is one example of programming languages ​​that can run on various computers (PCs/laptops), including mobile phones/smartphones. Before Javascript was ranked first as the most popular programming language, Java was already in that position.

Why is that? Because most of the android applications that we use every day are developed using the Java programming language. Java itself adopts a lot of codes (syntax) from the C and C ++ languages.

The famous java slogan is “Write once. Run anywhere.” The motto is in accordance with the function of java that allows applications to run on several different Operating Systems.

  • Java Developer: James Gosling

Python Programming Language

Quoted from, Python is one of the easiest programming languages ​​to learn today compared to other programming languages.

Python itself is already widely used by developers to create various application programs, including Website, Internet of Things (IoT), Hacking Applications, Command Line Interpreter Applications, Apbile Mobile, Desktop Applications, and so on.

The structure of Python syntax is very neat and quickly understood. So this programming language is very suitable to be learned for beginners who want to learn to write program codes (coding).

  • Python developer: Guido van Rossum


SQL (Structured Query Language) is a language used to access data in a relational database. This language is a standard language used in database management. At present, almost all database servers support SQL language for data management.

  • SQL Developer: Jhonny Oracle

PHP Programming Language

The next example of the programming language is PHP.

PHP or Hypertext Preprocessor is a programming language that is used from the server-side. This programming language is inserted into HTML. PHP itself is widely used to create/develop dynamic websites.

CMS (content management system) can also be made using the Php programming language. WordPress, blogger, open cart, and others have PHP program codes in it. In Indonesia, the PHP Indonesian community/group on Facebook is the most active, in my opinion, compared to other programming groups.

  • Php Developer: Rasmus Lerdorf

C ++ Programming Language

The C ++ programming language was developed in 1970. This language is a derivative of the C programming language where the C ++ programming language is also included in an object-oriented language, usually called Object-Oriented Programming.

Initially, the C ++ language was developed for programming languages ​​that will run on Unix operating systems. But the C ++ programming language is now the dominant version.

  • C ++ Developer: Bjarne Stroustrup

Programming Languages ​​C

Quoted from Wikipedia C programming language began to be developed in 1972 for the Unix Operating System at Bell Telephone Laboratories. This C programming language has a profound effect on other popular languages ​​such as C ++, Java, Objective-C, and others.

This programming language is made for programming computer systems and networks. But often also used to develop application software for various types of OS platforms, computer architecture, even some popular compilers are available.

  • Developer C: Dennis Ritchie

TypeScript Programming Language

According to, TypeScript is a programming language whose base is JavaScript. With the addition of strong-typing features and the concept of objective programming or classic OOP.

Judging from the documentation, this language is referred to as a superset of JavaScript. In conclusion, JavaScript codes are TypeScript codes too.

It is easier to develop complex applications using TypeScript because this language offers classes, modules, and interfaces.

  • TypeScript Developer: Microsoft
  • TypeScript Script Example:

Go Programming Language

The Go programming language is often called Golang, a programming language created by Google company in 2009.

Like other programming languages, ​​Go lang is also a development of the C programming language with a combination of several other languages ​​such as Pascal, Modula, Oberen, or so forth.

Applications developed using the Go programming language include Dropbox, Soundcloud, Cloudfare, Docker, and Google.

  • Developer Go: Google
  • Example of Go Script:

Kotlin Programming Language

Kotlin is a programming language with static typing and runs on a Java Virtual Machine or JVM. Kotlin can also be compiled into JavaScript source code.

Kotlin was deliberately made to be able to work with the Java language and even depend on existing libraries on Java programming. Google has announced the Kotlin programming language has now become the official language for developing android applications in addition to Java and C ++.

  • Kotlin Developer: JetBrains
  • Kotlin Script Example:

Ruby Programming Language

Ruby is a dynamic, reflective, elegant, and object-based programming language. According to the site, “Ruby is the programmer’s best friend.” Ruby is open-source, easy to understand, and productive. Ruby codes are quite elegant, regular, easy to read, and write.

Ruby has a very good function. Among them can be used to create web applications, GUIs, and more. One of the platforms developed using Ruby is Twitter.

  • Ruby Developer: Yukihiro “Matz” Matsumoto
  • Ruby Script Example:

Perl Programming Language

Reporting from Wikipedia Perl is a programming language developed by Larry Wall on a Unix machine. The first release was on December 18, 1987. Also available for various Operating Systems.

Although many programming languages ​​are new at this time, Perl is still sturdy. This means that there are still many Perl users today. For one thing, the Perl language is dynamic and can be used to develop many application programs.

  • Perl Developer: Larry Wall
  • Perl Script Example:

Swift Programming Language

Swift is a programming language for the development of iOS and OS X developed by Apple company. Swift is designed to coexist with Objective-C and avoids programs from incorrect code.

Apple first introduced it at the 2014 WWDC annual event. It was built with the LLVM compiler included in XCode.

  • Swift Developer:
  • Swift Script Example:

VBA Programming Language (Visual Basic for Application)

An example of the 15th programming language is VBA.

VBA (Visual Basic for Application) is a language derived from the Visual Basic language, which was also developed by Microsoft.

VBA itself is an integrated combination of the Editor’s Visual Basic programming environment with the Visual Basic programming language in the main Microsoft Office application that is intended for certain applications.

The main function of VBA is to make automation of work carried out repeatedly and complex. VBA can only be built on the main Microsoft Office applications. For example, in Microsoft Excel, we can create a data collection application with the help of this VBA.

  • VBA Developer: Microsoft
  • Example of VBA Script:

C # Programming Language

The C # programming language according to Wikipedia is an object-oriented language developed by the Microsoft company. C # is read as C Sharp and is also considered part of the Framework framework initiative. The hash mark (#) used is not sharp.

C # language has been influenced by many aspects or features found in other programming languages ​​such as Delphi, Visual Basic, Java, and many others, of course, with various simplifications.

  • Python Developer: Microsoft
  • Python Script Example:

Plagues 16 examples of programming languages ​​that are currently quite popular in use by developers. There are still many types of programming languages ​​that are not discussed here. Is the programming language that you are studying right now include

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